[2021] 18 The Best Potted Plants For Father’s Day

Mostly flowers are considered the best gift to give to your friends and loved ones, though these look stunning as a gift. A bouquet has a charming and mesmerizing effect but for how many days? After some days, this bouquet will be no longer fresh or stunning. It will lose its freshness and charm. Flowers will dry and you will throw them in the rubbish. On the other hand, potted plants can be lived and survived for a long time. If you choose potted plants for your father on father’s day, it will be a good choice. These look beautiful and can have a positive effect on the environment. With little care, these can be kept alive for many months or years. Potted plants can be decorated at home, indoor, and outdoor according to the nature of the plant. It will be an economical and nature-friendly choice. The company of these plants can also keep your father busy and active. He will pass his spare time with these potted plants, it will be good for his health and mood. Following potted plants can be bought for your father on father’s day.


  1. Paperwhite

Paperwhite gives beautiful small flowers in clusters. This plant can be kept indoor and very easy to take care of. This can grow in soil and stones too. Direct light is not required for these flowers. Some indirect light is enough. It’s flowers’ fragrance is very sweet.


  1. Mint

Mint plant is also a very good choice for your father. It can be easily kept at home. Mint requires the soil to be kept wet. It will grow easily and its fragrance is very sweet and strong. Mint can keep the environment fresh and it can also be used in drinks, like mint tea and mint margarita. It has many health benefits and can keep your father’s stomach fit and healthy.


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe plants look very good and it is easy to care. It does not require much effort. It is a big fan of the sun but little water is enough for it to grow. It is a useful plant, its gel can be used to relieve the pain. It is also very effective in a skin problem and can keep the skin fresh and healthy.


  1. Air plant

Air plant is another choice for father’s day. It is an indoor plant and easy to care for. It does not require much attention from you. It does not require direct sunlight, soil, or water. it can be grown in pebbles and little mist will be enough for it to grow.


5. Coffee plant

It is a beautiful plant to look but, sadly, it will not be able to fulfill your coffee requirement in a small pot but it will be an amazing experience to see coffee beans growing on the plant. This plant can be kept easily. It requires indirect light and very little quantity of water. It is an amazing indoor plant and it will make your father happy on father’s day.


  1. Rubber plant

The rubber plant is one of the best air-cleaning plants. It looks beautiful with its unique thick leaves and it also keeps the environment fresh and clean. You can keep this plant in your living area. It requires water when the soil is dry and indirect sunlight is enough for it.


  1. Sweetheart plant

The leaves of these plants complement with its name. It has heart-shaped big leaves. On a small plant, very few leaves can grow. This is an ideal gift for your father, it can directly express your love for your father due to its romantic heart shape. It is also easy to take care of this plant. It required direct light but the water requirement is very low. You can water it every two or three weeks.


  1. Bird of paradise

It is a beautiful potted plant which you can choose for your father. It will enhance the beauty of your home. You can keep it in the balcony where it can get direct sunlight. It does not require much attention to yours.


  1. Peace lilies

It is a beautiful gift for your father. It has attractive flowers. This plant needs indirect light of the sun and little water.


  1. Jade plant

Jade plant is an amazing plant with its thick dark green leaves. It looks like an artificial plant because of its color and nature of leaves.


  1. Gardenia

What a beautiful gift it can be for your father. It looks stunning with its pretty flowers and its smell is just amazing and intoxicating. Buy a potted plant of gardenia and be satisfied that you have bought the best gift for your dad.


  1. Lavender

It is a herb plant that is an easy plant to grow inside. It has a very aromatic smell and has a very refreshing impact on the environment.


  1. Oregano

Oregano is also a herb plant. It requires direct sunlight to grow. It can also be easily handled at home. It has many health benefits like other herbs. It is used in cooking various types of food items.


  1. Rosemary

It will be a healthy gift for your father on father’s day. Rosemary has many health benefits. It is rich in calcium and vitamins.


  1. Christmas cactus

It is a beautiful plant with attractive flowers. You can choose a Christmas cactus plant with red flowers for your father to express your love for him.


  1. Bromeliad

This is a small plant with beautiful leaves. It can be called the most easily cared plant. It will never mind if you forget it, it can survive if you do not water it for some days.


  1. Calatheas

This plant has unique and colorful leaves of green and maroon color. This plant requires a little attention from your side, you have to be careful about the soil which should be evenly wet, not too wet, and not dry. You can give this plant as a gift.


  1. Kalanchoe

This plant has beautiful small flowers with a sweet and refreshing fragrance. If you give this plant to your father, this will be a good addition to your home. You can keep this plant easily. Water it when the soil gets dry.

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