How To Create Your Baby Gift Basket?

The arrival of a newborn is the time of excitement and marry making. The parents and family of the newborn enjoy every moment of his/her arrival. Friends and relatives of the newborn also feel excited to see the little angle and to share the happy moments with the baby. New parents receive so many wishes along with beautiful and attractive gifts. Everyone tries to present the best gifts for the happiest day. It is not an easy task to select gifts for a newborn baby. If you want to create your baby gift basket as a gift for newborn angel, you can get many new ideas and can customize your gift basket according to your liking, requirement, and budget. Color scheme and gift items can be selected according to the gender of the baby.

Color Scheme For Baby Gifts

There are two commonly used colors for babies; pink for princess and blue for the prince. These two colors are used symbolically and everyone knows that if there is the pink color around, it represents the arrival of a baby girl and blue items represent that a baby boy has arrived or going to arrive soon. So the color selection is very easy if you are going to present your gift on the arrival of a baby. If you are going to present the gift before the arrival of the baby then you can choose any color which can be used both for boys and girls; like yellow, brown, or green. These colors can be presented to both the genders if you are unaware of the gender of the baby and it has not been yet revealed.

Pink is a cool and light color that is related to females and girls. This looks stunning on babies. We always see newly born baby girls wrapped in pink colored clothes or sheets. When you have to prepare a gift basket for a baby girl, you can choose a pink color scheme to decor your basket. You can choose ribbons, papers, flowers, and gift items in pink color. Place all the items in the basket and bind them with a pink ribbon and from outside, you can cover a basket with a pink colored net wrapping sheet. It will look attractive and beautiful.

Blue is associated with males and boys and if you are going to create a gift basket for a baby boy, buy blue decoration items, flowers, and gift items. You can arrange all the gifts in the basket and cover it with a blue wrapping sheet, flowers, and ribbons. This will be a good idea and will be appropriate for a prince.

Selection Of Gift Items For Baby Girls And Baby Boys

There are a wide variety of gift items that can be included in a gift basket. When you are going to create your basket, you can choose all the items according to your own choice and budget. It is not necessary to include expensive things. You can have economical items which are practically used for babies in general. If you have a high budget, you can make a big basket with so many things but if your budget is low, you can make a small basket with fewer items. It is totally up to you that how you create your basket, there are not any rules which should be followed strictly. You can add these mentioned items in the gift basket.


This is one of the common items, clothes are mostly given to newborn babies. People select any two or three dresses for the baby to give him/her as a gift. Sometimes other items are also added with dresses and sometimes these are given without adding any other gift item. In a gift basket, you can add some beautiful clothing items, in which you can have dresses for the baby, inner shirts, socks, legging, bibs, or handkerchiefs.


The use of cosmetics as gifts has also become very popular and these are commonly given to babies. You can find these baby cosmetics in beautiful packing in the market, or you can buy it without any gift packing. There are multiple cosmetic items for babies and you can select as many as you want. Three to four basic items will be enough.


Toys are a very attractive gift for babies as well as for parents. Everyone who looks at beautiful and amazing toys in the market cannot ignore them. Toys of any type can be added in a gift basket. There could be stuff toys like teddy bears or dolls can be placed according to the gender of the babies. For a baby girl, you can add a beautiful doll in the gift basket and for baby boy, you can buy teddy bears or any other cartoon characters. Besides stuff toys, you can buy any other toy for the babies.


Giving diapers as a gift is unique which is getting popular now. This is a very practical gift for parents. It is an essential item for the baby and parents have to buy this item on a regular basis. If you buy diapers for the baby and make good arrangements for these diapers, it will be a pleasant gift for the parents who spend their lots of money on diapers. You can roll and bind diapers with ribbons and by tying these rolls with each other, you can give many shapes to these diapers to look beautiful.


Baby shoes are also one of the most exciting gifts of babies. Little shoes in bright colors look something amazing and arouses the feeling of ecstasy to see and touch the little angel. You can buy some beautiful and attractive shoes for baby, either it is a baby girl or baby boy. Wrap them or tie ribbon flowers with them to give them a look of a gift item and place this little treat in the gift basket.

With all these items; clothes, cosmetics, toys, diapers, and shoes; your basket will become a complete package for the baby and it will be able to fulfill all the needs of the baby.

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