How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower during this COVID-19 Pandemic?

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, most of the events and parties have been canceled. The government prohibited public gatherings and face-to-face meetings to stop the spread of the virus. Wearing face masks in public places and keeping one to two meters of physical distance is also mandated.

However, the pandemic is not enough reason to stop the celebration because there are ways to celebrate even without physical contact and face-to-face conversation. Everything is possible even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are looking for ways to throw a fun and memorable baby shower party, you can opt for the virtual baby shower. Here are some of the most efficient tips on how to throw a virtual baby shower during the COVID-19 pandemic:


  • Organize the Virtual Baby Shower

Even if it is a virtual party, it still needs careful planning and preparation. In organizing the virtual baby shower, the things that you have to organize first are the virtual platform that you plan to use. Zoom, for example, is an ideal one, but if you are using a free account, the virtual meeting will only be limited to 40 minutes. Paid accounts in Zoom allow longer online or virtual meetings. However, there should be some restrictions to prevent party crashers.

Aside from Zoom, you can use Skype, Google Meet, Hangout, Facebook Messenger Room, Group Facetime or another platform that is suitable to you and to your guests to use.


  • Create a Timeline

Creating a timeline for your virtual baby shower party is an advantage because it will serve as your guide all throughout the program. Whether it is a 40-minute party or a 2-hour party, it is a good thing that you have a timeline to follow. You can allot 10 minutes of the time for greetings, and then spend the next 20 minutes or 30 minutes for fun games and activities. If you want the pregnant mom to open the gifts that you and all the other guests sent for the baby showers, you can also allot 20 minutes depending on the length of time. Your guests will not be bored as well as you host the baby showers in an organized way.


  • Think of the Best Games that Everyone Can Participate Virtually

The virtual baby shower party will be more memorable and fun if everyone is involved. A simple game like “Guess the Baby Picture” or ”Baby Feud” can be an hour of fun and laughter, and everyone will be encouraged to join. Any trivia games will also be a hit for virtual parties like this.


  • Think of Amazing Prizes

Online gift cards and e-gifts are always a wonderful way to send winners their prizes. You can also send them e-vouchers or gift certificates. When it comes to e-gift, the choices are endless because more online retailers offer easy ways to avail.


  • Set-up the Gift Registry

The baby gift registry has to be set up as well, to provide virtual guests an option of what to buy and send for baby shower gifts. Once the registry for gifts is set up, you may need to include the links to the invitations. In case you want the gifts to arrive on or before the scheduled virtual baby showers, so that the mother can open the gifts during the meeting, you may also need to indicate that on the invitations. Another option for gift opening is to reveal the baby items during the virtual meeting and send them to the mother after.


  • Plan and Send Necessary Supplies and Tokens to the Guests

Do you want to let your guests share the toast or enjoy the cupcakes? How about the tokens and some party favors for each of them? It is nice and fun if each one gets one of these, and there are easy ways to arrange the delivery.


  • Choose a Baby Shower Decoration Theme

The virtual baby shower party will be more entertaining and attractive if you will decorate the venue with baby shower themes. You can be festive with the designs or choose to be simple but glamorous. There are online retailers that can provide your needed items for the backdrop, decorations, and supplies.


  • Create and Send the Invitations

You, as the host or organizer of the virtual baby shower, and the pregnant mother can send the invitations to your friends or invited guests. Invitations are necessary because they show the theme, set the mood, and inform the guests of what to expect about the virtual party. After everything is finalized, from the date and time, list of guests, timeline, and program, you can easily create one online.


Don’t forget to include the links for the online meeting, baby gift registry, contact details, delivery address for the gifts, and other special requests of the pregnant mom.

Organizing the virtual baby shower party these days can be challenging but it is fun. There is no need to cancel the most special event you can have during your pregnancy. With the right planning and preparation, virtual baby shower parties during the coronavirus pandemic are possible. The best thing about the party is that you can invite everyone, even your relatives and friends who cannot make it due to distance and transportation problems, without worrying of putting their health at risk. The pregnant mom and all of you will surely have fun during the “new normal” virtual baby shower party.

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