10 Popular Types of Christmas Greens In Singapore

Christmas is probably the most wonderful time of the year to just celebrate and be with your loved ones. And it is also the time to be creative especially with your Christmas tree. If you want to ditch those plastic made Christmas trees, you can take a look at the 10 Popular Types of Christmas Greens that you can buy in the market or from a florist online.

1.Balsam Fir

The Balsam Fir belongs to the family of Fir and it is an evergreen tree. It is popular for its shape that is conical and its dark green leaves that are flat and look likes a needle. This is also a great choice for people who want to create their own Christmas wreath because of its shiny and silver leaves. It can grow as tall as 65 feet plus it has a great scent too which makes it a perfect indoor Christmas tree.

2.Fraser Fir

Just like the Balsam fir, it is also a member of the Fir family and known for its conical shape. Its branches are also slightly upward and it’s sturdy too. So, you won’t have to worry if your Christmas tree will fall off. But unlike the Balsam fir, the Fraser fir can only grow up to 50 feet only.

3.Canaan Fir

This is a native of West Virginia and its a new member of the Christmas tree types. It’s still a member of the Fir family, however, the unique characteristic about this fir is that it is a combination of the Fraser fir and Balsam Fir. It leaves are also thin and looks like a needle and it’s an evergreen tree but only grows in medium level.

4.Douglas Fir

Finally, this tree is not needle-like, but it has a pyramid shape. Its leaves are in the hues of blue and dark green. This is the best smelling Fir tree. This is an extremely huge tree and it can grow as tall as 300 feet which makes it a perfect outdoor Christmas tree. Most of Americans grow this kind of Christmas tree. If you are interested in buying this type of Fir, you may avail of one at Best florist Singapore. They also have varieties of flowers that you can choose, plus they offer same-day flower delivery to maintain the freshness of the flowers.

5.White Pine

Although it’s called white pine, in reality, this Christmas tree is bluish-green in color. In fact, this is the largest pine ever-growing in America. However, if you are planning to purchase this Christmas tree, an online florist would not recommend this if your ornaments are too heavy because it is not that sturdy plus it doesn’t have that great scent as compared to the Fir trees.

6.Scotch Pine

This is also a member of the Pine Trees and it is commonly known as Scots pine. It has dark green leaves and has a sturdy branch so you can put your heavy ornaments on this tree. Plus, this type of pine tree can grow as tall as 100 feet. One interesting fact about this tree is that it is the national tree of Scotland.

7.Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce is a member of the genus Spruce trees which has 35 varieties growing and existing. This is also referred to as the Colorado Blue spruce because it is the state tree of Colorado. Many people love this for its gray and blue hues of needles and it bends upwards. It has a conical shape that can grow as tall as 75 feet.

8.Norway Spruce

This is a native of Europe but it grows almost every state in America. This is known for its poor retention of its needles so you are going to be needing extra care and patience in maintaining this Christmas tree. But the good this is that it’s one of the fast-growing evergreens and it can grow as tall as 180 feet.

9.Leyland Cypress

It is a member of another genus called Cyprus trees that are commonly used as shrubs. Its leaves have a feathery texture and a combination of green and gray hues that grows upward but with a pyramid-like shape. However, this tree doesn’t have a sweet aroma. But even if it lacks fragrance, it compensates for its allergy-friendly character. So, this is good for people who are suffering from any allergies.

10.Red Cedar

It is a member of the genus Cedar and it is common for landscaping. This tree is popular in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Its branches have a pyramid shape too. Its leaves, on the other hand, bends upward. This tree is hailed as one of the best Christmas Trees in America because it is sturdy and hardwood. Plus, it can live for 850 years.

Christmas is really one of the most celebrated seasons of all time. It is also the time to be creative especially with your Christmas greens. It’s good to invest in your Christmas greens especially if you accent it with your beautiful ornaments. It pays to know which ones are good and what type of Christmas greens that best suit for your personality. You can seek advice from your local florists in Singapore on how to make your Christmas greens even more beautiful and creative.