What is the Average Pay for a Flower Delivery Driver in Singapore?

The job of the flower delivery driver is very important in a flower or garden shop. Their main role really is the delivery or transportation of flowers. They usually operate in a vehicle to deliver the goods to the customers or clients. Their job includes loading the flowers inside the vehicle and making sure that they are in good condition the whole time they are being transported.

These flower delivery drivers usually spend most of their time outside of their headquarters. They only spend a little amount of time at their actual job site. They also spend most of their time in a vehicle especially if there are a lot of clients waiting for their orders. Their job is more on mental but with physical elements.

They also spend less time interacting with their co-workers since they spend it outside. So, their job includes meeting with clients including the rude ones. They must have good communication skills because it is not easy to deal with customers.

Some of their tasks also include checking the invoices to the stock delivery van. They also need to maintain a clean and safe vehicle to avoid delays of deliveries, They also document everything from the route, deliveries, payments from customers, condition of their delivery vehicle and other information. They also need to safely and accurately deliver the flowers an answer any inquiries from the customers.

Being a flower delivery driver is not an easy job. But ever wonder what is the average pay for a flower delivery driver?

Driver’s Salaries

In Singapore, the average salary for a flower delivery driver is $1,800 per month. So they are roughly earning $21,600 a year. But there are some companies that pay their delivery drivers higher. Some even pay $3,000 a month or $36,000 a year. Their typical tenure is less than 1 year.

Once in a while, flower delivery drivers also receive tips from customers. For normal size bouquets, plants, or flower arrangements, the flower delivery driver receives $2 to 5$ tip. However, if they are delivering multiple flower arrangements or larger plants that are difficult to carry, the tip is higher like $10. For big events like weddings or baptism, their tip should reflect on the work that they are doing. If there’s a bad weather condition, they should also tip more considering the occupational hazard that they are experiencing.

One etiquette expert suggested that it is proper to tip someone who delivers your flowers especially when you feel that he has made a special effort. And by special effort, it means that this delivery driver went the extra mile just for your flowers to get delivered on time.

Flower Delivery Duties

The flower delivery drivers are responsible for loading the flowers into the vehicle. They see to it that the flower arrangements are not damaged and report any to their boss or florist. They then bring the arrangements to the customers’ houses. In most cases, they require the customers to sign the form acknowledging that they received the flowers. Sometimes, they also assist the florist in arranging the flowers or making sure the warehouse is clean. Their job is not only limited to delivering. They also help unpack any deliveries of fresh flowers from the truck to the warehouse or storage house.

Job Requirements

A lot of employers prefer that their floral delivery drivers have a high school diploma. It doesn’t matter if they have a college education. In fact, there is no formal education required to get the job. What is important is that they know how to drive, obtained a driver’s license, and of course excellent driving skills and record. They must also have experience driving any kind of vehicles especially the big ones.

When it comes to physical requirements, they must be in good shape because they have to load and unload heavy flower arrangements. In communication skills, they must be friendly and approachable because they will be dealing with a lot of clients including big companies. They must also be attention to detail because they will be dealing also with the inventory of their flower supplies. Organizational skills are also important in this job. They must be able to work independently with minimal supervision.

Working Conditions

Flower delivery drivers spend most of their time driving, but they are also exposed to other jobs like making sure that the storage room or warehouse is clean. Their job requires a lot of physical activity because they are required to lift and carry heavy flower arrangements. Some drivers even work 40 hours a week and some even require that they work on weekends. They may be also required overtime especially if it’s the peak or holiday season.

The primary responsibility of the delivery driver to deliver your flowers safely even if it means putting extra effort. They also have to make sure that when the flowers arrive on the customer’s doorstep, it has to be in good condition or else it will be taken against them.

Some roads are busy and there are rude drivers and it can give stress to the delivery driver especially that he has to drive and at the same time look after the flowers that they are still in a good condition and fresh when it reaches your door. Just like any other delivery job, they are also considered heroes for making sure that the flowers are fresh even if it’s taking the extra mile just to deliver it to you on time.