The History Of Father’s Day

Background Of The Day

The celebration of father’s day is not something new. It has a long history and background. History of father’s day can be traced back to the conventional church of ancient times. The days, dates, names, and traditions to celebrate this day have been different in every era but the purpose was almost similar. During the early years, the church was used to celebrate the second Sunday as the day of Forefathers to remember them. It was also celebrated in Europe in 1508 to pay tribute to fatherhood and the efforts of fathers. This day was also celebrated to acknowledge the sacrifices of army men who were martyred during wars. So this day was present in multiple shapes on various and diverse days in many regions and corners of the world but it took many centuries to celebrate this day as an international day. It has been a hot topic for discussion that whether this day should be celebrated internationally or not? And finally, it was decided in 1509 that this day will be celebrated as international father’s day al around the world with respect and dignity for fathers.


Sonora Smart Dodd

This girl made efforts to get acknowledged the sacrifices of fathers. She was an American girl whose father had brought her up along with her five brothers all alone. She was the eye witness of her father’s efforts that he made for the growth and guidance of his children. She used to visit the church to attend the festivity of mother’s day. But as she had seen her father make all the efforts alone for them so she wanted to pay tribute to fathers. For her, fathers can also grow and train their children very well. She started efforts and tried very hard to convince the authorities to specify a day for fathers and to rejoice that day all over the world with the same zeal and zest in which mother’s day was celebrated. She succeeded in her efforts and father’s day was approved as an international father’s day. This was her great success for her father to pay him tribute and tell him how much special. This was a source for her to acknowledge all his father’s efforts and struggles he had made for his children and at the same time this was a huge contribution for the society where many fathers worked hard for their families but their efforts were not acknowledged at national and international levels.


Date Of This Day

The date of the father’s day is not fixed. It is celebrated all over the world on various dates and days. The festivity of this day started from Feb and goes on till the end of the year. In most of the countries of the world, this day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. The date is not fixed at all. If the 3rd Sunday of June is on 18th then it will be on 18th June and it can be different every year. But the day is fixed there which is the 3rd Sunday of June. Countries that celebrate this day on the 3rd Sunday of June include; America, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Canada, Turkey, and many others. In some countries, it has a fixed date but the day is not fixed. It could be Sunday or Monday or any other day of the week. In China, this day is not officially celebrated but some people celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday of June like America and other countries. The festivity of this day starts from Russia in February and ends in December to Bulgaria. So this day is spread all over the world and all around the year. It will not be wrong to say that every day is a father’s day.


How This Day Is Celebrated Today?

Nowadays, father’s day has become a festival and a very special day. Special arrangements are done to have fun on this day. Many gifts are bought and presented to fathers. Many flower shops give special discount offers on this day and many brands announce cheap and economical packages to enhance the happiness of the day. Cakes are prepared, flowers are bought, and efforts are done to make this day a memorable day for the fathers. Media also plays its part in this regard. Programs are telecasted on these occasions to highlight the greatness of a father who works round the clock just for the comfort and happiness of his family.


Importance Of Father’s Day

Father’s day is an important day and it should be celebrated to pay tribute and honor to the great and most important personality of our life other than our mother that is a father. Fathers work very hard for the comfort and peace of their families. They work from dawn to dusk to fulfill all the needs and desires of their families. They mostly do not express their emotions for their families and children and children also feel a distance and gap between them. By celebrating this day, children can express their love, affection, care, and respect for their fathers freely. This distance can be filled and the gap can be reduced with little efforts.

It can be said that parents are the most important people in our lives. The days selected for them are also very special. These days provide us an opportunity to show our love and respect for them. From the beginning, till now the basic purpose of this day is to pay tribute to our great heroes who are our fathers. They have a special place in our heart which can never be replaced by anyone else. From orthodox church traditions to today’s modern ways and methods of arranging parties have been a source of providing happiness and joy to fathers. These little parties and small celebrations fill the hearts of fathers with overwhelming feelings of love. This makes them feel very special for their children and families which means a lot to them.

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