What Is The Traditional Flower Of Father’s Day?

Traditionally flowers are very popular as a gift for every event and occasion. Multiple types of flowers are sent and received on celebrations and parties. A bouquet is the most exciting gift for every event. Flowers are selected according to the day and the liking of the presenter or receiver. Flowers have a refreshing and positive impact on everyone and these look beautiful without any distinction of type and color. These are used for decorating the venue of the special event and presenting as a special gift. Flowers are also given for expressing your love, affection, and care for anyone. These are considered the best and the most special gift for your loved ones. These are given to the people who are close to your heart and who are important to you. As far as the flower of father’s day is considered, various types of flowers are given on this special day but roses are attached to this day. Carnation is the flower of mother’s day and rose is the flower of father’s day. Though many other flowers are also selected for father’s day, the rose is historically attached to the day. The girl who struggled for the acceptance of the father’s day as an international day chose rose as the flower of father’s day for the first time. She presented rose to his father to show her love and respect for him, this was the first celebration of international father’s day in 1509. There are various colors available in roses, any color can be chosen for making a beautiful bouquet. Here you can find ideas about the color selection of roses for father’s day.


White Roses

White is a sober color and it shows honor and dignity. It shows the innocence and purity of the inner soul of your father. This is also the color of the new beginning, this is the reason for using this color in floral arrangement and decoration in marriages. Marriages are the beginning of new life and new joys and pleasures. For father’s day, this color has vital importance, it will pay your regard and dignity for your father and at the same time, this will express your acknowledgment that your father has a pure and innocent heart that is clean and clear from worldly filth and impurities.



It is the color of love and passion, this can express deep and strong feelings of love and affection. This is a dark color and is used for the expression of strong feelings. This color is the symbol of love and is very commonly used to give to the beloveds by their lovers. Without any doubt, everyone can get the idea that this color is given to show your love and affection for anyone. This is always selected for the people who are very close to the heart. To show your deep feelings, you can present a bouquet of red roses to your father on father’s day.



It is the color of grace, respect, and admiration. This color is associated with females because it is a mild color and express your mild feeling of love and care with elegance. But this will not be the wrong choice if you choose it for your father on his special day. You can combine the pink color with green shrubs to give it a stunning look.



Lavender is splendor and royal. It looks so beautiful and attractive. Every shade of lavender has its fascination and grace. This can show your adoration and respect for your father who is not less than a king of your house. He is the leader, strength, and courage for his family. This bouquet of lavender shade will complement his majesty and grandeur.



Peach roses can express your thankfulness and gratitude for your father for his efforts and struggles he has made throughout his life to keep his family happy and pleased. The hard work, a father does for his children cannot be denied and his family witnesses it every day from morning to evening. So to express your gratitude and to acknowledge his efforts, choose peach roses for your father.



Once this color was the symbol of hatred and jealousy and it was not considered good to give someone a bouquet of yellow roses but now with time, the meaning of this color has also been changed. Now yellow roses symbolize friendship and affection. It is no more a taboo to give yellow roses to anyone. You can show your attachment and happy relationship with your father by presenting a bouquet of yellow roses. It will be a good and pleasing selection for the day.


Apple Green Roses

Green color represents nature and freshness. It also represents peace, harmony, and fertility. Green roses look very fresh and it is a unique idea to combine green roses with green herbs and shrubs to present to your father. It will make contributions to refresh his mood and make him happy.


Mixed colored roses

You can customize a bouquet for your father and can add multiple colored roses in it. A mixed colored bouquet of roses can present various and multiple feelings with one bouquet. Males have strong and hard this is the reason that they like strong and passionate feelings. You can make a colorful bouquet that can represent your deep and strong love and affection for your father. He will be happy on receiving this full of life bouquet of roses.

So, it can be said that rose is the king of flowers like your father who is the king of the house. The beauty and attraction of rose are unmatchable, every flower has its beauty and charm but the rose has excessive power of mesmerizing and intoxicating any spectator. Like beauty and charms, the rose has a unique and powerful ability to show and express your feelings for anyone. This is selected for any important occasion of your life from expressing your love to anyone to marriage proposals. For expressing your love, respect, gratitude, and affection for your father, roses are the best and traditionally accepted selection.

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