10 Best Delivery Vans for Every Florist Business in Singapore

For every florist shop, it is crucial to have a delivery van, a delivery van is needed to transport the flowers to the different parts of the city or area. Similarly, for every florist shop in Singapore, you need a perfect flower delivery van that has everything required to transport the flowers to the required area of the city.

Most of the flower delivery van needs to meet the following criteria. things:

Must have a large Space:

Must be easy to modify (add refrigerator and more things):

Must have a fuel-efficient and high-performance engine:

There are a lot of options to choose from depending on your needs but below we have gathered a list of 10 best Vans that every florist in Singapore can use. These vans have all the features that are required to deliver flowers and these vans can also be easily modified according to your needs.

Below are the details of these top 10 vans for flower delivery businesses:

Note: Price as of 02 Aug 2020

  1. Toyota Hiace: (Best Value)

This is a van by the Toyota company, built for cargo delivery. The best features of this van include that it has a large inner space where you can fit the refrigerator and you can easily modify all its interior according to your requirements. The large space allows you to store more flowers and deliver quickly. This is also an affordable choice for you to choose economically as compared to the other flower delivery vans. The Van also has a fuel-efficient engine that helps you save the costs of fuel. The Toyota Hiace has a cargo capacity of 6.2 cubic meters (this may vary based on the version).

Price including COE: $84 000

Country made: Japan

Fuel-Efficient: 12.4km/l at 149bhp

Cargo Space: 6.2m3

Maintenance: $

Pro:  Most reliable workhorse, relatively low maintenance

Cons:  Ugly design

  1. Peugeot Partner: (Best for Comfort)

This is from Peugeot, it got a new facelift version in 2019, it is lightweight, faster and has all the required features for the delivery van. You can also modify this van according to your needs. The only downside of this van is that it has a comparatively smaller cabin. Its fuel-efficient engine can help you reduce fuel costs. The cargo capacity of the Peugeot Partner is 3.8 cubic meters.

Price including COE: $67 388

Country made: Spain

Fuel-Efficient: 21.7km/l at 129bhp

Cargo Space: 3.8 m3

Maintenance: $$$

Pro: Drive like SUV, front will 3 front seats

Cons: Parts and servicing can be expensive

  1. Peugeot Expert: (Best for Space)

This is a lightweight, faster, and more affordable option for flower delivery vans offered by Peugeot, this van has a larger cabin that can be modified according to your delivery needs. If you want to add a refrigerator or cooling system, you can easily add it to the cabin. This vehicle is super lightweight and has a large space that makes it a perfect choice for flower deliveries.

Price including COE: $66 388

Country made: France

Fuel-Efficient: 19.2 km/l at 114bhp

Cargo Space: 5.8 m3

Maintenance: $$$

Pro: Smart interior design and New head-up display

Cons: Pricey servicing

  1. Renault Kangoo: (Best Drive)

This is a superior model offered by Renault. This van is specifically designed for commercial use and has all the features such as space, fast and better engine. This van is an excellent choice for every florist in Singapore. The large cabin allows you to store a huge quantity of flowers and cooling systems.

Price including COE: $60 800

Country made: France

Fuel-Efficient: 19.2 km/l at 114bhp

Cargo Space: 5.8 m3

Maintenance: $$$

Pro: Smart interior design and New head-up display

Con: Pricey servicing

  1. MAXUS V80 VAN: (Best Price)

MAXUS V80 VAN has an elongated cabin. Specifically made for commercial use. This large cabin allows you to store a large number of flowers in your delivery van. The cabin space is also much more than the other vans of this category. This provides you an extra space to keep your flowers and arrangements in place, also you can add a bigger refrigerator.

Price Including COE: $55,988

Country Made: China

Fuel-Efficient: 10.8km/ 131bhp

Cargo Space: 6.9m3

Maintenance: $$

Pros: More capacity and smart interior design.

Cons: has less fuel efficiency and more costs for maintenance.

  1. Hyundai Starex: (Best for Style)

Hyundai Starex is a lightweight, commercial purpose van. This van has a bigger cabin space, you can modify it according to your requirements. The bigger cabin allows you to put more flowers in the van. Also, it is lightweight and ultrafast, which makes it the best choice for faster deliveries across Singapore. The powerful and fuel-efficient engine helps you deliver quickly while burning low fuels and helps you save the cost of the fuels as well.

Price without COE: $50,999

Country Made: South Korea

Fuel-Efficient: 13.3km/134bhp

Cargo Space: 5.8m3

Maintenance: $$

Pros: More cargo capacity and superior anterior design

Cons: low fuel efficiency and more maintenance cost.

  1. Nissan NV350: (Best Mover)

Nissan NV350 is a passenger van but can be modified for commercial purposes such as flower delivery. This van has a powerful and fuel-efficient engine that helps in the quick flower delivery jobs. This is an excellent choice for every Singaporean florist for a delivery van as it has all the features that a perfect delivery van requires. The bigger back cabin allows you to add a refrigerator and anything you want.

Price Including COE: $65,800

Country Made: Japan

Fuel-Efficient: 11.2km/127bhp

Cargo Space: 6.63

Maintenance: $$

Pros: More capacity, low maintenance expenditure

Con: Fuel efficiency and manual operation only

  1. Nissan NV200: (Best Seller)

This is an upgraded model of the Nissan NV, this model is specifically built for commercial uses, this van can easily be converted into a full-scale flower delivery van. The powerful and fuel-efficient engine allows you to do quick deliveries. If you want to offer your clients an extremely fast delivery in Singapore, you must use the Nissan NV200 as your flower delivery vehicle, as it is fast and has all the required features.

Price Including COE: $54,000

Country Made: Japan

Fuel-Efficient: 13.7km/108bhp

Cargo Space: 3.4m3

Maintenance: $$

Pros: affordable, built for in-city delivery purposes, is fuel-efficient.

Cons: More maintenance costs, low capacity

  1. Mercedes-Benz Citan: (Best for Safety)

This van is a little bit expensive among all the other commercial vans, but it has more features that make it a suitable choice. This is lightweight, has a bigger rear cabin that allows you to store as much flower as you want. This van is also full of safety features, the van has more space, and you can add a refrigerator as well. This van can easily be converted and modified according to your needs.

Price Including COE: $62,000

Country Made: France

Fuel-Efficient: 23km/89bhp

Cargo Space: 3.8m3

Maintenance: $$$

Pros: Superior anterior design, fuel-efficient, affordable

Cons: maintenance costs are high, cargo capacity is low.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Vito: (Best for Branding)

Mercedes-Benz Vito is known with many different names in different regions across the world. This is a full-scale commercial vehicle and used worldwide because of its features for delivery. This van can easily be converted into a flower delivery van. The bigger cabin provides more space for flowers and a refrigerator. This is also available in the electric version as well. You can use it for quick delivery services as well.

Price Including COE: $54,800

Country Made: Spain

Fuel-Efficient: 7.3km/ 120bhp

Cargo Space: 6.0m3

Maintenance: $$$

Pros: Stylish body, superior anterior, more cargo capacity

Cons: high fuel consumption, more maintenance costs

Choosing a perfect van among these can also be difficult, but you can look at the features of these van’s and choose the one that suits your needs. If you check the detailed specs of these vans, this can help you better understand which one you should choose according to your needs.

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