10 Romantic Date Ideas that Aren’t Creepy

Are you planning a special date soon and you do not know if your idea will sound peculiar and the date will go the wrong way? In today’s post, we will help you plan your upcoming date with a person you really like. Whether it is your first date, second date, or you have been dating for quite a while, you may still need a few ideas for your date. Try some of these safe yet fun and romantic ideas for your date:

  1. Picnic

For the first few dates, do something casual that does not involve an actual dinner date. Go for mid-mornings or lunch to have a date with the person you adore. Instead of eating out at a restaurant or fast-food chain or having coffee at Starbucks, opt to pack a picnic lunch instead.

This is a great idea to try during the weekends so both of you won’t be in a rush to finish the date. Head to the local park with a basket of food, beverages, a blanket so you won’t have to sit on the grass, and some flowers. Opt for cheery flowers like chrysanthemums and daffodils you can find in your yard or from your local florist instead of red roses. Skip the wine and bring out apple cider instead.

  1. Cookout

A great way to save money is to eat at home instead of eating out. If bringing a girl home sounds odd for you, then it might be that this person is just an acquaintance or someone you met online. If she is your friend, she might have been to your home a few times already.

Either way, you can also have a cookout at the local park. There are parks with barbecue grills. You can grill hamburgers at the park. If you’re good at cooking, then you can cook for or with the girl you like and cook and enjoy the meal together.

  1. Music Festival

Everyone loves going to a music festival so you can be certain your date will love the experience too. If you know an upcoming festival in a town or city near you, or in your own town, then plan to go to the music festival together. This event will certainly help your date loosen up. You can also plan to go to art festivals or food festivals if those are more her thing.

  1. Karaoke

You don’t need to have singing prowess to enjoy karaoke. You can sing your favorite hits with your date and enjoy this time together. This is also a great idea for group dates. You can even have a couple of drinks so you will have the courage to go on stage and sing for your date.

  1. Bar Hopping

If karaoke entails too much courage for you, then you can go to the local bar and sing for your date there. If not, well the music and dancing will get you in the mood. Take note of the bars you love going too or plan to go to trendy bars and new bars you’ve never been to before. Be sure your date is the type who enjoys going to bars if you want this date to be fun.

  1. Take a Class

There are so many fun classes you can take together with your date including painting classes, pizza-making classes, and flower arranging classes. Some will even let you take home the masterpiece, pizza, or flower bouquet you made during the class.

A dance class also adds a romantic appeal. If you’re sure you don’t have two left feet, then book a trial class or a dance class with your date. Opt-out of hip hop and the likes instead try waltz or foxtrot. It should be fun and you’ll share a few laughs while dancing.

  1. Comedy Club

If you really want your date to have a fun time with you and not look for another date then take her to a comedy bar or a comedy Open-Mic. You will enjoy laughing to jokes at the comedy bar and you can even share your own humor too if you’re the funny type of guy.

  1. Indoor Fun

There are a lot of things you can do for your date even when it is raining outside or the weather does not look good. You can take your date to an arcade if she is on the gamer side. You will surely win her heart when you can show her a good time.

You can also enjoy playing mini-golf with your date or race on go-karts. These ideas may sound silly and immature but bringing out the children in you is a great thing especially with the busy lives we live day in and day out. If movies are your thing, go see the movie early instead of hopping to dinner right away, you can still spend time to enjoy each other’s company and share each other’s thoughts about the movie you watched.

  1. Outdoor Fun

Adults spend so little time in the great outdoors as we need to clock in our entire day at work every day of the week. When you find the time to enjoy an outdoor adventure, grab that opportunity with your date. Hiking is fun and free. You can hike at nature parks or your local parks. You can also do something as simple as boating or as daring as zip-lining, or something completely unexpected like a hot air balloon ride.

  1. Touristy Attractions

Long rides in the car with your favorite weekend soundtrack sounds like a good idea on a date, right? It can even be your tradition as you become a couple. If you don’t have a car or you can’t let your date agree to this romantic date, then you can visit the tourist attractions in your city. Surely there are museums and historic sites you didn’t have time to see. Now is the time to explore the city and with your date this time.

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