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Impact of COVID-19 on the Cut Flower Trade Around the World

The COVID-19 outbreak affected the global industries, and that include the horticultural industry. No one ever imagined that everything will suddenly change when the virus infection spread throughout the world. Although there is no news about the challenges faced by the floristry in the world during this pandemic, there is no denial that the global […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Caused Cameron Highland Malaysia Flower Industry Wilted and Wasted

Cameron Highland Malaysia is one of the places in the country where flowers used to sell in millions in spring season. In fact, the flower farmers start to grow flowers from November to December so that the flowers will bloom just in time for the country’s festivities and special occasions. But this year, things have […]

Flower business still hold out hope for regrowth amid the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus is not just proving fatal for humans but its impact has even sucked the life of the flower industry across the globe, as the lockdown measures have turned main places into ghost towns. As this deadly virus spread, the rules are increasing manifolds, including grounded flights, shuttered restaurants and hotels, and social distancing. Not […]

The Jewel at Changi – Singapore’s Airport Attraction

Everyone has heard about Singapore’s amazing and beautiful airport. It’s known for being the most beautiful airport in the world and that’s the big title because there are so many airports in one country and earning the titles “Most beautiful airport in the world” has to have an extraordinary airport and that is what Changi […]

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