10 Ways to Become a Friend Extraordinaire to Your Mommy Friends

Mother’s Day is a greatly celebrated day all over the world. It is the day where people celebrate the women in their lives and remind them of how appreciated they are. Mother’s are one of the humblest yet hard-working humans and they do not ask for anything in return. This is because being a mother requires no grand reward. If you are a mother yourself, you know how gratifying it is and tiring it is to be a mother and expect nothing in return. It is one of the most difficult jobs where payment is just love and adoration from the people you take care of.

In honour of this special day, here are some ways to celebrate your mommy friends. Where you can show your support, love and admiration for one another. Remind each other that you are not alone and that you know exactly what they are going through. Below is a list of 10 things to do to become a friend extraordinaire to your mommy friends:

  1. Send Flowers

  • One of the sweetest and heart-warming gestures you can do for a fellow mom or a mommy friend is to send them a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are known to brighten up people’s days. Flowers, especially pink ones, are also known to symbolize mothers. So, it would be best if you put in a little bit of a lot of pink blooms in your bouquets just to make your friend feel the love. Pink actually symbolizes the values and virtues of a mother and those are gentleness, femininity, innocence and softness. This is why it makes the perfect gift for any mother out there.
  1. Services

  • If you want to really show how much you appreciate them, take some load off their backs by offering your services. You can watch over their kids, help them clean and manage the house or even give them a massage. Anything is fine as long as you know it would help them relax and destress from their full-time job of being a mother.
  1. Lend a Shoulder

  • Mommy’s need to vent out too or cry when they get frustrated. Make sure you have a shoulder for them to cry on where they would not feel judged. Being a mother is sometimes a demanding and difficult task, and no one can get it perfectly right. Remind them that they are only human and break downs are just a part of life.
  1. Mommy’s Night Out

  • Take your mommy friends out for some drinks or even dinner. This is a luxury for them especially if they are full-time mothers. Help them unwind and relax by drinking a few wines and eating at a fancy restaurant where someone else cooks for them and they do not have to worry about cleaning the dishes after.
  1. Host a Party

  • Host a party for your mommy friends to celebrate them and the work that they do with raising good and imperfect children. Make sure that day would be dedicated to them and make them feel special and appreciated. Especially since they usually do not ask for anything in return, so a simple party and get together would do wonders for their mind and soul.
  1. Support them

  • Sometimes a being a mommy can have its drawbacks. Make sure you are there to give your support to them, especially when they are feeling down and lost with being a mommy. Moms are never perfect but they always try to be and that should be enough. Remind your mommy friends that everything they do with love is enough.
  1. Baby Sitting

  • Offer your babysitting services and give your mommy friends a day off where they could have their alone time or where they could go out with their husbands. It is not every day that they have enough time to do so. Handle it with class and assure them that their little angels are in good hands. It is not everyday they get to go out and enjoy themselves. Their husbands would probably appreciate the gesture, too.
  1. Play Day

  • Bring your kids and let them have fun with their kids. It is always good to have someone around who understands what and how it is to be a mother. Mother’s typically love to talk to fellow mothers, especially when it is regarding their children. Sometimes all a mother really needs is someone who knows and understands the difficulty and the pride you have when you watch your kids.
  1. Prepare Meals

  • You can prepare meals and take them to your mommy friends. This would help take time off their hands into preparing a meal. It could be for dinner, snacks or even lunch. Anything would be greatly appreciated as long as it is done knowing that it would give them time to relax and chill even if it is just for a few hours.
  1. Be Present

  • Sometimes, just by being there is enough. Make sure your presence is felt by your mommy friends, especially in times of need and support. You may never know just how much they needed someone to be there, even if it is through the silence. Mommy’s have it tough, but getting through it with someone supporting them would definitely be enough for them.