10 Winter Seasonal Flowers to Send Your Sweetie

Most plants thrive during the spring season that is why a lot of people don’t know that there are flowers that grow even during the harsh winter season. If you are planning to give your loved a flower this winter, here are the 10 winter seasonal flowers that you can send to your sweetie:


  1. Christmas Rose

This plant is common during the winter season because it is durable and easy to grow. It is a member of the evergreen perennials. According to some historians, this flower was believed to be a gift to the newly-born baby Jesus from a little shepherd who asked from the angels. Since then, this flower has become a famous and holy present, especially during the holiday season. Although this flower is small like it can only reach 15 inches in height, it’s low maintenance. It can thrive in partial shade and well-drained soil that is why it’s perfect for the winter season.


  1. Mahonia

This flower is a very charming plant that is why it’s perfect to send it to your sweetie during the winter season. It can thrive in a partial shade area plus it is resistant to almost any kind of soil and weather conditions. It’s relatively small in size and can only reach as tall as 12 feet. This flower is also easy to maintain because it is resistant to garden pests which makes it durable. It can also give an edible fruit which is perfect for making homemade jams. However, in taking care of this flower, you have to avoid them in a soggy wet soil environment.


  1. Camellia

Although this flower can grow during the winter season, it particularly hates frost. So when its wintertime, make sure to avoid them from a freeze. You can do this by protecting them with a bubble wrap or a horticultural fleece. However, if you take care of them properly, they will thrive even in the coldest season. Camellia flower is perfect for your sweetie during the winter season because it symbolizes desire or passion, and as well as perfection and faithfulness. Your sweetie will surely appreciate you even more especially when she knows the hidden meaning of Camellia flowers. Make sure to buy fresh Camellia flowers from your trusted flower shop.


  1. Lilies

This is a popular flower to send to your loved ones especially during the winter season when most people think that flowers during that season don’t thrive and are scarce. Its buds are in a trumpet-like shape plus it has a long stem which is why it’s also popular in weddings. There are many varieties of lilies growing around the world and one of the most common during winter is the calla lily. Calla Lily is commonly in white and most often used in wedding floral arrangements. White lilies symbolize chastity or purity.


  1. Amaryllis

You can either give this flower in a pot or in a bouquet. But is more exciting if you give your sweetie an Amaryllis plant that she can take care of her own. This flower thrives even during the winter season and can last for years if you just know to take care of them properly. This flower represents beauty and attention. So when you give this to your sweetie, it will truly catch her attention.


  1. Viola

Violas are a mix of both perennial and annual plants. You can all year round. However, if you plant them during the autumn season, you will get a whole year of blooming cycle. They are low maintenance maintain because they are easy to grow and as well as easy to spread so it won’t take much of your time growing this flower. But when you live in an area where it’s surrounded by forests and wildlife animals such as deer and rabbits, make sure to protect them as they are vulnerable to those animals.


  1. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum comes in varieties of colours such as pink, white, and purple. Although they can survive during the winter season, they are not frost-resistant. So when you give this to your sweetie, especially when you give it in a pot, make sure to stay it away from any freeze conditions in the winter. As long as you know how to take care of this flower, it will surely thrive and produce abundantly.


  1. Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is one of the easiest plants to grow in your backyard. It’s not prone to pests nor to any kind of plant diseases. Plus it can thrive in any weather conditions, as well as any type of soil. You can either give your sweetie a bouquet or Winter Jasmine or put in a pot where he or she can grow it at home. It wouldn’t take much of your effort in taking care of this flower because the are easy to maintain.


  1. Gerbera

Gerbera flower is part of the daisy family and it is one of the most colourful winter flowers. When you give your sweetie a bouquet of this, it’s great if you combine it with other colours of Gerbera Daisies to give that gradient effect. This flower can stand even in harsh weather conditions and can last for weeks if you put them in a vase if you just take care of them properly.


  1. Daphne

Daphne is is a type of winter season flower that is an example of an evergreen shrub. Its foliage has a shiny texture and can reach as tall as 3 feet. It has a rich history because it was named after an ancient Greek goddess. This flower is perfect for your sweetie because it only requires minimal care. You don’t need to pour water everyday plus it grows faster too.

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