What Should I Do If a Girl Rejects a Surprise Flower from Me?

Sending a gift of flowers to a girl is something that a guy finds special and meaningful. With all the lovely bouquets in beautiful designs and arrangements, it is most convenient for men to send flowers on special occasions instead of other gift items. This is because wonderful bouquets are expressive of feelings and emotions. Moreover, no matter how beautiful and attractive a hand bouquet is, there are girls and women who choose to reject it. According to the florist in Singapore, women reject the gift of flowers because the flower design expresses too strong feelings or emotions that she cannot accept, or the bouquet is misunderstood. Another reason why some girls prefer not to accept the flower bouquets is that it was sent anonymously and they don’t want to guess who the sender is. In case a girl you want to surprise with a gift of flower bouquet rejects it, here are the things that you should do:

  • Be Polite and Accept the Rejection

It is never a good feeling to be rejected, especially by a girl whom you adore. This is the same feeling that you might experience when a girl rejects the surprise flower gift from you. Moreover, you still have to be polite and take things in stride. You can be polite by saying, “It’s okay.” You don’t have to feel bad about it because there will be a perfect time for this surprise. By being polite to her and by accepting the rejection in a nice way, you might win her friends in another time. Also, being polite does not mean you will give up. You only need to wait for the right time.

  • Deal with Rejection Properly

Rejection is not a pleasant experience but it can be an opportunity to be matured. When you deal with rejection, it is just fine to feel sad and cry, if you must, but never put yourself down. There are women who really hate surprises, especially disguised senders and anonymous gifting. If you want to surprise her with a gift of flowers, why not let her know that it was you who sent it by signing the card and writing a short but sincere greeting. She might appreciate it more if you are honest and courageous to express your feelings. However, getting over with the sadness does not mean you have the right to insult her for rejecting you. If you want to win her, you should stay kind and affectionate by simply saying “Hi” whenever you see her.

  • Learn from Your Mistake

The first time it happens can really be painful, but when it happens again for the same reason, it means that you did not learn from your mistake. To learn from it, you have to know why typical girls like her reject such a beautiful gift. It is probably because she is not ready yet for romantic bouquets, or that she doesn’t like the type of flower or color of flower you sent. It might also because she hates surprise gifts from someone she doesn’t know yet. There are things that you can learn from one mistake, and when a girl rejects your flowers, do not take it against her or even blame yourself. All you need to do is to learn from your mistake.

  • Get Your Mind Off of This

Instead of thinking about it over and over again, it will help you move forward and plan for the right move if you will let go of the rejection and the pain it caused you. Being sad and feeling down should only last for a day or two and after that, you have to think of other activities and be busy to forget what happened. You can play with your friends your favorite sports or attend art workshop and educational seminars, or you can start a new hobby or join a group that helps improve the community. There are many things to get busy with than thinking of the rejection all your day.

  • Build Up Your Self-Confidence Again

Rejection is not sufficient enough to make you a loser and give up. You should help yourself by accepting it and start anew. When you do activities and excel on them, you will be able to rebuild your confidence. Also, you won’t be able to win her even as friends if you are not over the rejection yet. It will be helpful to know and remember that a girl rejects a surprise gift of flowers not because she does not want you to be her friend but because of other reasons. Once you build your confidence again, you can be a real friend to her.

After a girl rejects your flower gifts, you can still communicate with her if you learn to let go of this experience. It may be disappointing but it should not be a reason to lose hope. If you are given a chance or an opportunity to talk to her, it will be your advantage if you will not bring up the matter or ask her why because it will only make her feel awkward. You may start the conversation by talking about a common interest or sports or hobbies. It will eventually break the barrier or wall between you as you learn more about her and as she learns more about you. Soon enough, she is ready for your gifts of flowers.

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