Here’s What Can Go Wrong When You Order Flowers Online

In this modern-day, generation, online flower shops have emerged and have taken the flower scene among those who are still doing the traditional way of selling flowers. As a matter of fact, some of those traditional florists have already adapted online selling and free delivery services to increase their sales and reach out to more customers in their area. However, as with anything that deals with logistics, there could be a lot of possibilities along the way. Some deliveries might not get there in time, some may even have incorrect specifications that the client pointed out, and sometimes handling issues can ruin the beautiful arrangement that went out the door.

That is why it is the florist’s job to make sure that every single detail that the client pointed out is followed and is safely done in order to avoid these kinds of issues. Logistics really has a lot of areas that must be focused on and before starting a flower delivery service, the florist must be aware of what he or she is dealing with. That is why we listed down a few things that can go wrong when you order flowers online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

  1. Late Deliveries

They could really be a lot of issues and problems encountered on the road. The delivery man might pop a tire or even catch an accident. That is why it is important to have a “Plan B” in case all of these nuisances happen. Traffic is a huge problem around the globe that is why most flower delivery shops have invested in motorcycles for the delivery man to easily pave his way through the traffic. It will also be much easier for him to place the flower bouquet in a designated container where it will not be crushed or be affected by too much heat.

It is definitely sure that a person asks for a flower delivery to actually surprise a loved one friend or family member. This is why late deliveries are the last thing the florist wants to have because it will surely affect the surprise and will then affect the satisfaction rating of the customer. One tip for flower shops is to leave the shop early. In case something happens along the road, there will still be enough time to fix these issues and still deliver the flowers on time. This practice must be done in order to avoid such issues experienced on the road.


  1. Improper handling

Flowers are very beautiful in nature. However, we can easily be torn crushed or wilt away due to excessive force improper handling and too much heat from the sun. These issues can be encountered while in transit. The delivery man must be aware of how to handle flowers because the presentation and its look will always be the deciding factor of customer satisfaction. Nobody wants to receive have a flower arrangement that has been damaged. One tip for flower shops is to inform their delivery man about the different practices to care for the flowers. It does not go to waste if he is aware of the fact that he needs to be careful in driving. Flowers are very delicate, and it should really be received the way it got out of the flower shop fresh, fragrant, and beautiful.


  1. Order not confirmed

During busy occasions, flower shops can be bombarded by so many orders. Sometimes it is too many that the flower shop cannot cater to everyone. However, if the florist has included online flower selling in her business, she needs to be aware that apart from walk-ins she already has an online flower shop that she needs to cater to. Checking the orders and the payments and as well as confirming it to the buyer is important to achieve a mutual understanding that the order will be taken care of. No one wants to experience purchasing flowers and paying for it and then on the day of the special occasion, there will be no flowers delivered on their doorstep. Confirmation and continuous conversation with the client are also important in case they have any questions and queries about their orders. That is why it is important for the florist to hire somebody who will manage this part of their business.


  1. Incorrect order

With the many orders received on a special location, the florist might have a hard time understanding each order specification. There can be instances where flower A was delivered to customer B and flower B got delivered to customer A. This is the last thing you want to experience as an online flower seller because two clients will be affected and will get frustrated because of the error. Sometimes the client has a specification that was not followed and achieved when the flower was delivered. Make sure to keep all of these specifications in a note so that you will not forget about it. Most of the time the small details are what is important to the customer. Even if it is a little note or maybe a slight variation in flowers, it is still important because it came from the customer.

There you have it. Hopefully, by the next time you order flowers online, you will not experience these issues in flower delivery. It can get really frustrating especially if you have prepared for the surprise. As for florists, you must be highly aware of the fact that flower delivery can get very stressful and a lot of problems can arise during the process. Just make sure that everybody is aligned with the best practices most especially the delivery man and the one handling this part of the business. Flower delivery is an innovation that has helped a lot of people especially those who are very busy with their work. Let us help each other in making days of a fruitful and beautiful experience. Happy flower shopping!

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