Should I Send Flowers to My Ex?

If you have recently broken up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and you are feeling bad about it, there are many ways you can try to make things right again. It is that maybe you just want to same sorry and ask them to be good friends. Or maybe you are willing to get back with them. And if in both cases, you are thinking of sending flowers to your ex, you might not be much sure that it is okay to send them flowers or not. You can end up messing things more than they already are, or you can get what you wanted. It is quite unsure to say that all.

It is an unfortunate situation that there is no clear answer to this uncertainty. There are no clear rules on giving flowers to the ex after the end of the relationship between you. Men usually think it okay to send flowers for apologizing with their loved ones in bad days of relationship or after a fight. But there is a difference between sending flowers to someone in a relationship even your relationship is messed up and giving flowers to someone who you are no more in any relationship and things have been ended officially.


Send Flowers to your Ex or Not?

For all we have discussed above, you might be thinking that what you should really do? There will be some people who will tell you that if you are thinking of sending flowers to your ex, then it is a bad idea and it is totally inappropriate. It’s because it can be difficult for both of them to move on in their lives. And some other people will say that you should do this as you need to fight for what you really want. If you want to win your ex back, you should do this. If you are regretting over the mistakes of ending the relationship, you can try to fix things up.

If you have set your mind for trying to win your ex back, you should do this, but the best way is to deliver the flowers by yourself rather than sending them through a third party. We have seen a lot of TV shows and movie where we see that the male hero of the film when trying to win back his love interest sends her flowers and the girl end up in either throwing the flowers in the garbage bin or just plucking them off. It kind of hurts.

If you think of sending her flowers at her workplace, then there is nothing worse than that. This can hurt her as she might have told some of her coworkers that you guys are not in the relationship anymore. Or if she hasn’t, then it can embarrass her more. She can be targeted by her colleagues with harsh commenting. Those conversations can be upsetting for her and can make her feel uncomfortable, and you can end up losing all your chances of getting her back. This all will just make her angry at you.

If you send her flowers to her house or to her apartment, and she receives them privately, it can be too late. You might have gone so far while ending the relationship, and the issue can be much severe. So, a bunch of flowers might not be able to fix things for you. It can become more problematic if you have never greeted her with flowers during the good days of the relationship and just know them to send an apology. So, it will be better that you show up to her place with a bunch of fresh flowers and say some deep words for saying the sorry.


What Flowers to Send?

Your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend can happen due to different reasons. So, if you want to know that when you should send flowers on the basis of your relationship length, then here is a small guide.

Five of Less Date

If you had just started your relationship and things ended after a few dates, then flowers might be too much. As it has not been much time you have spent together, you can make it over if you send flowers. Still, if you are willing to send her flowers, you can do it. Maybe you want to make it work and give more time to it. Flowers are the best way to show your care and love. They symbolize a happy time together, even if they are not for a long time.

Less than a Year

You might be in the relationship for more than six to eight months now, and you are quite serious for each. Maybe there was some misunderstanding between you two that might have led towards a breakup, so getting a bunch of beautiful flowers and showing up at her doorstep can be amazing and nice.

More than a Year

If you have spent more than a year together and you love each other, then it is a great gift. In the dating world, one year is quite a long time span. You might have spent a lot of time together and have visited many places together. So, if you are sending flowers to someone you have spent more than a year with, it can remind them of your precious time together. Maybe you can win her back, or you just end up making her smile by remembering some beautiful moments together.

You Met Someone Else

If the reason behind your breakup was that you found someone else and you left your ex for them, then it might not be a good idea to send flowers to them. It can remind her that you cheated her, and she lost you.

Last Words

Sending flowers to loved ones is a great idea, but it might not be that great if you have broken up with them. You should keep some important things in mind before sending flowers to your ex.


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