Popular Flower Arrangements for Different Occasions

Flowers make every occasion a lot better. If you are celebrating someone’s birthday, he/she would definitely feel more loved and appreciated if you give them a beautiful bouquet of flowers. If it is the Holiday season, the family will feel the occasion a lot better if there are red flowers or winter blooms around the house. Flowers have been a great addition to decorations since the beginning of time. Their colorful and fragrant blooms really liven up any space and can make someone feel loved and appreciated.

That is why in every occasion, it is important to know which are the most popular flower arrangements suited for the event. As much as fashion, there are certain pieces and looks that match every season. We have listed down the flower arrangements and the occasion that suit them the most. You clearly do not want to overdo or underdo this that is why it is important to research first or ask your florist on the flower arrangement that will match the occasion and even the person you are going to give the flowers to.


  1. Bouquets/Presentation Arrangement

Bouquets are flower arrangements usually given to a person during a special occasion and are wrapped in specialty paper. This flower arrangement is very popular and versatile and can really suit almost every occasion there is. Bouquets can also handle almost all flowers from the simplest to the most complex and rare and can usually last 3 to 5 days depending on the freshness of the flowers and how they were arranged. Bouquets are perfect for weddings as the bride usually holds on throughout the ceremony. It can also be given in occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, as token of appreciation, graduation day, moving up ceremonies, valentine’s day, Christmas, New Year, and a lot more. If you are looking for the most popular arrangement there is, a bouquet is clearly your number one choice.


  1. Fan Shaped Arrangement

This simple yet beautiful type of arrangement is also very popular as it is easy to make and maintain and is also suitable for most occasions. The florists would just have to trim each flower and leaf according to their placement in the arrangement and stick them in a wet foam block. Their fan shape will really eat up more space and will make the arrangement look bigger on stage. A fan shaped arrangement is amazing in stage designs during ceremonies, house design during the Holiday season, in funeral decorations, and as well as church accent as well.



  1. Boxed Arrangement

This has been very popular nowadays as it looks very modern and protects the flowers much better than a bouquet arrangement. Flower Boxed Arrangements are usually given as replacement for bouquets to give it a new look but still the same feeling of excitement and appreciation from the recipient. Roses are usually used in boxes arrangements as they can easily hold up their shapes and they have a relatively longer life when cut out of the plant. Boxed arrangements are perfect to be given during valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and even as a token of appreciation.


  1. Centerpiece Arrangement

Centerpiece arrangements are perfect for any table or buffet setup inside the house or in venues or hotels. The flowers used here can be short or long, depending on the taste of the client. Usually, centerpiece arrangements are popular in weddings, debuts, and special events held in bigger venues. Florists work on this arrangement a lot more as it must be multiplied with the number of tables in the venue. Inside the home, centerpiece can also create a more inviting look in the table as it will put a pop of color if the linens are white, cream, or in neutral colors.



  1. Bar Arrangement

A bar arrangement usually has a taller vase and gives a more minimalist and modern look to match the color of the bar or the buffet table. Bar arrangements are usually used in weddings, birthdays, and special occasions in venues as it adds that more sophisticated look to the event and makes the food a lot more appetizing.  Once again, flowers have proved that they can beautify a simple space and make it look more attracting. Flowers on the neutral side is much preferred in a bar arrangement as it adds to the minimalistic feel of the setup.



  1. Oval shaped arrangement

same as with fan shaped arrangements, oval shaped floral setups are popular as a form of decoration in a venue or inside the house. This is also very popular in wedding setups as they can be placed in a pedestal and decorated with hanging beads or flowers as well. oval shaped arrangements are also perfect inside the house during the Holiday season or just a decoration in a normal day. It is also considered to be one of the easiest arrangements to do as you just have to fill in the all the gaps when you stick the flowers and leaves in the floral block and then trim them once complete to form that oval shape. This can also be used in church and funeral decorations.


  1. Vertical flower arrangement

If you want to accent your home with beautiful flowers, a vertical flower arrangement will surely fit any space – may it be the living room and even the kitchen. Vertical flower arrangements are often used to decorate the house and any space for that matter. In weddings and debuts, vertical flower arrangements are popular as centerpieces as they add height to the table, making it look more sophisticated and elegant. Either tall or short flower vases can be used depending on the height of the flowers.

There you have it! If you are looking for the perfect type of flower arrangement for your upcoming event or occasion, consider the arrangements we listed above and you will surely never go out of style! Happy flower decorating!

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