What Types of Flowers are used for Weddings?

Weddings are one of the most momentous and joyous events in someone’s life. This celebration ends a chapter but also starts a new one for the soon-to-be-married couple. Of course, flowers will never have an absence in most weddings as they beautify the whole ceremony and the reception and gives a big impact on the occasion overall. There are several types of flowers used in weddings and it all depends on the taste and personality of the couple. During wedding planning, this is often one of the items to be prioritized as celebrated florists may be fully booked ahead of time.

If you do not have any idea to the types of flowers used in weddings, fear not, because we have listed down most of the favored choices in wedding history. Be sure to grab a pen and paper and visualize the look and feel of your dream wedding. Of course, the budget may also be a restriction, that is why we have also included a few tips on how to maintain your budget whilst making your wedding as awesome as it can be.


  1. Roses

Roses are considered to be the most romantic flowers – that is why it does not get away from any suggestions in wedding decorations. Roses symbolize deep love, affection, and passion that lasts a lifetime. Roses can also be found everywhere and is relatively cheap due to their abundancy. Despite this, roses still look very elegant and exquisite depending on the color you will choose. Weddings are often pictured to be pure and elegant that is why white roses can really add that simple yet exquisite touch to your entourage. Red can be a great accent color to table decorations during the reception because of their vibrant color and familiarity among many people. You may choose roses to be the main flower in your wedding. You can have it placed literally everywhere – on the groom’s boutonniere, the bride’s bouquet, the table centerpiece, and even the entourage walkway. Roses are very versatile, and you will never be wrong with this famous flower.


  1. Tulips

If you have enough budget for the wedding, consider tulips as the main flower among your decorations. Tulips are very simple, yet they are very popular with their beautiful colors and elegant blooms. Tulips symbolize a happy marriage – one you must always wish for before getting married. If you want the simpler colors, tulips have a variation of pastel colors you may choose from. However, if accent is what you are looking for, you may go ahead and add in a dash of red, yellow, and orange tulips to make the centerpiece vibrant. Tulips are also versatile in use that is why it can be added to the table centerpiece or even the church setup. They can also blend in among a bunch of other flowers.


  1. Lilies

Lilies are very popular because of their long stems that look good on elevated arrangements. Lilies also go perfect with other white flowers because of their unique trumpet shape. Lilies are considered to be the flower of magnificent beauty – a perfect meaning as it is very pretty even on its own. If you opt to make lilies as the main flower in the bride’s bouquet, you may choose the miniature version as has much shorter stem length than the traditional one. On the other hand, long stem lilies will definitely look elegant and sophisticated in table centerpieces as they will really stand out with their height and unique bloom. Lilies can be found anywhere and is relatively on the cheap side.


  1. Lilacs

Lilacs are popular weddings flowers because they symbolize youthfulness and purity – a great choice if the couple is on the younger side. Lilacs have different colors as well as varying scent. These pretty bunches of little flowers go great with the bride’s bouquet as it adds a pop of color, especially if the wedding’s motif is purple or violet. Lilac are very unique and will look great in a more rustic type of setup. You may fill in a vase with lilacs and make it as a centerpiece. It will surely work on its own and will add that pop of color if you choose your cloths to be white. Lilac can also be sourced everywhere especially in temperate areas.


  1. Ranunculus

No one wants to get married in winter, right? Well, if you are one of them, ranunculuses are a great choice as they bloom abundantly during spring, summer, and fall. These beautiful blooms look so elegant, you can place them literally anywhere. It will look great in the groom’s boutonniere as much as in the bride’s bouquet. Ranunculuses are also very cheap and you can source them anywhere. Their white color represents innocence and purity – much like the couple during the early stages of their marriage. Ranunculuses are also versatile when combined with other flowers. If you want a rustic setup, the ranunculuses’ closely arranged petals can be a great centerpiece. On the other hand, if you are eyeing a more elegant setup, you can blend ranunculuses with other blooms and they will surely look serene.

No matter your preferences, we are pretty sure these five flowers can satisfy your taste in decoration and arrangement. Throughout time, these flowers have been used in a lot of weddings and they surely added that romantic yet simple touch in the decorations. A few honorable mentions include sweat peas – their ruffled bloom will surely look great with simpler blooms like the lily. Another one is the carnation flower – a great filler flower if you are eyeing to make another flower stand out.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to check the flowers in season to make your decorations bloom yet still cheap. This will definitely help you categorize which flowers to choose from. At the end of the day, as long as it will make the wedding bloom in its own way, the flowers above are great choices!

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