Shower Your Woman with Love and Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. It is that day when you finally express your love for that special person in your life and let her know that how much you love her and how desperately you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

And if you are married then what better way to show your love, appreciation and respect than make her feel pampered and special on this special day.

Apart from that, it is a tradition that on valentine’s day men should give flowers and bouquets to women in order to make them feel special. Women love to receive flowers and these flowers are a very meaningful gift for them.

For women when their special man gives them a beautiful bouquet of flowers it is almost like telling her and showing her how valued and precious she is. Flowers and women have a very strong attachment to each other and they have a very powerful effect on them.

So if you are wondering what type of flowers you should be giving to your girl then this blog is exclusively written for you.

Here I will tell you about all the flowers type and the meaning behind their color so that you will choose the right flowers for this special occasion.


  1. Orchids

For Valentine’s Day orchids are one of the best flowers you can give to your love but one thing you must be sure about is to pick the right color in order to convey the right message.

It is true that these beautiful flowers are gorgeous and elegant in every color but choosing the right color is the key. So if you are planning to give orchids on this Valentine’s Day then do a little research behind what each color signifies and then choose them wisely.

Yellow orchid show friendship and they can send the wrong message if you will give them on Valentine’s Day. While purple orchids signify respect and also admiration and the color white shows elegance and purity.


  1. Dahlias

According to old traditions, these are the flowers that signify long commitment and relationship between two people. Of course each shade of these beautiful flowers signifies something unique.

There are white dahlias that show faith and purity and then there blue and green dahlias that are best if you want a fresh start in your relationship.

While there are also black dahlias that represent betrayal so be very careful while choosing the right color.


  1. Proteas

Proteas are the flowers that are used on a special occasion in order to impress your significant other. These flowers are unique and they are some 300 million years old so if you want to go for a vintage touch then these flowers are for you.

Having said that these pretty blooms are quite expensive and unlike other flowers they are not readily available. These are the best fit if you are in a long term relationship or you are having a rough patch in your relationship then these are the best way of telling that you are thinking about your special girl and want to be with her.

The meaning of this beautiful flower is diversity and courage but they also represent hope and change.


  1. Freesias

These are sweet and smell like citrus flowers have the capability to brighten up anybody’s mood. These are native to South Africa and can be found all year round.

These flowers come in a variety of different colors and each color has a different meanings. The color red of freesias signifies love and passion and if you choose a combination of different color of freesia then that means friendship. Or if your wife is pregnant then you should give her pink freesia which shows maternal love.


  1. Carnations

Just like any other blooms the color and meaning of carnations differ greatly from each other. While gifting carnations may not be on top of your list on Valentine’s Day but these are one of the great options for the ones who want to give the message of admiration and love.

The meaning of yellow carnations is rejection so you must avoid gifting these on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. And the good thing about these flowers is they can be found all year long and are quite cheap as well.


  1. Roses

How can you forget roses on the day of expressing love right? These are the flowers which are very high in demand on Valentine’s Day and the good thing is girls love to receive roses and immediately fall for them without you doing any effort.

Like other flowers, different colors of roses show different meanings. The color red shows compassionate love and respect while the color white is used to show purity.

So both of these colors are the best option on Valentine’s Day or you can combine both these colors and gift them to your color.


  1. Tulips

Tulips are the most unique flowers and they are best for every occasion including this special day. Regardless of the color of tulips, this popular flower means perfect and complete love but if you want to be specific then you must choose red tulip which means true and long-lasting love.

The color pink in tulips shows happiness and it also shows attachment with your special girl. If you had an argument with your love and want to say sorry to her then give her white tulips which show forgiveness and a fresh start.

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and every girl wants to be loved on this special day. So show her how much she means to you with the help of these beautiful flowers and make memories for years to come on this special occasion.

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