Sending Flowers as Gift on Special Occasions

No matter what the occasion is, there is nothing like sending floral gifts to the recipient. People have been sending flowers for ages, and flowers are one of the most preferred choices when it comes to special occasions. Many people present flowers to reciprocate their emotions, and therefore they make a great gift. In modern days, with varied choices of gifts available, people often wonder why sending flowers is still a favorite choice.

However, many reasons can help you understand why flowers continue to be the best gifts.


  • Flowers express different types of meanings: Many times, it has happened to you when you would like to say ”I love you” to your special one and express your feelings. Some other times, you might want to tell your employee that he has done a great job! On such occasions and many others, you can gift various flowers that can convey different meanings depending upon what the situation is. You can talk to your florist who can suggest you the best flower arrangement to go with the occasion. On the other hand, carnations are the best gifts for love and affection. Again, Irises express wisdom and belief. Hence flowers make the best gift when it comes to representing love and recognition.


  • Flowers are excellent mood boosters: Apart from being a great gift to express love and happiness, flowers can also help you recover from sickness. When it comes to funerals, there is no substitute for flowers. Experts say that flowers can make you feel happy and satisfied and uplift your mood. It helps people to control their emotions and thus helps them feel comfortable and boost their mood. Hence, with flowers around, you continue to feel happy.


  • Flowers are also great for sharing: When you gift flowers to your loved ones, no matter what the occasion is, the receiver usually puts it on the table that works as a decoration. When other people visit their homes, they also see it and feels joy inside. Hence, by giving flowers to one person, you are allowing others to feel overjoyed, and thus flowers can spread happiness.


  • Flowers can be easily ordered: Sometimes, when you want to present your loved ones a lovely gift, but you find that you are not in a situation to visit him/her. In those situations, flowers are the best choice. You can ask a florist to deliver them on your behalf or even order flowers online. Hence, flowers can be ordered quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, you can ask the florist to add a personalized note to the flower bouquet to make your gift look more special and unique.


  • Flowers are long-lasting: There are many gifts such as candy and chocolate that you can gift your special ones. On the other hand, flowers are lasting, and the recipient can even keep it for a week to enjoy its fragrance and color. But with other material gifts, that isn’t possible. Flowers like orchids and carnations can last up to two weeks when these flowers are kept in freshwater. Hence, one can enjoy the beauty of the flower for a longer time.


  • Customizations are possible: Yes! You read that, right! Flowers can be customized depending on the choice of the recipient.


As you can understand that flowers make the best gifts, hence there is nothing like gifting them. People often send flowers on different occasions, starting from various festivals and funerals. Flowers can express the sentiments, and there is a particular flower for every occasion.


The following flowers are always in use when it comes to different occasions.


  • Weddings: When it comes to gifting flowers on occasions, there is nothing like gifting different types of seasonal flowers. When it is the spring season, the best flower gifts include pale flowers, while when it is fall, dark colors make the best choice.
  • Anniversary: Seasonal flowers are the best gifts when it comes to gifting flowers during the anniversary. Hence it is the best option to go for seasonal flowers or gourmets. When it is the anniversary, it is best to gift the duo the gift that suits their personalities. No matter the type of flower you gift, it is essential for you to make it more personalized.
  • Birthday Parties: For birthday parties, gifting any bright flower makes a perfect choice. If you know the birthday person’s favorite flowers, you can also go for that.
  • Christmas Celebration: For Christmas celebration, some of the popular choices include Christmas Cactus with red flowers and green leaves and Christmas Amaryllis flowers.
  • Easter Celebration: Some common flowers for Easter are White Carnations, White Zantedeschia Aethiopica, and white roses.
  • Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving includes Gerbera Daisies, Carnations, Solidago, Marigolds, and Chrysanthemums.
  • Halloween: Durning Halloween celebrations, different types of combinations of flowers, and trendy flowers are widespread.
  • Friendship Day: To celebrate Friendship Day, there is no substitute for yellow flowers.
  • Valentine’s Day: During Valentine’s Day, people send different types of flowers to express their love. One of the best flowers is rose. Some popular shades include yellow and bright white.
  • Father’s Day: Celebrate Father’s Day with Roses and tropical flowers.
  • Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day flowers are lilies, carnations, and scented narcissi. These flowers make an excellent gift for Mother’sMother’s Day.
  • Sympathy: Some sympathy flowers include white carnations, white daisies, and gladiolas.
  • Housewarming parties: Surprise your friend by sending a fresh bunch of flowers when it comes to housewarming parties. These flowers are elegant and vivacious and thus can boost energy and mood quickly.
  • Get Well Soon: Some of the most popular ”get well soon” flowers are cherry flowers and dark red flowers.


In the end, it can be said that flowers make the best gifts even today. They are the best to express your different sentiments and emotions. Regardless of the type of occasion, flowers are perfect.

Want to know more about them? Get in touch with a florist today to develop knowledge about different flowers!