Which Flower Should You Give on Your Wedding Anniversary?


What could possibly bring more exciting memories of love worth celebrating than a wedding anniversary? For the most part of the world, romance and bliss have been indisputably linked to different types of flowers and the meaning they carry.

Sweet-smelling, fresh flower have been the messengers of love since the beginning of history. The beauty of flowers is directly linked to the celebration of love. Finding the appropriate flower bouquet for your anniversary may seem a bit difficult, but luckily, we have some of the best flower ideas for your wedding anniversary:

  1. Using the landmark year

For example, in most places, carnations are given in the 1st anniversary. The red carnation symbolizes admiration. The white represents a love that is pure and innocent. The pink bloom reassures your loved one of your memory of him or her. Sunflowers are given in the 3rd year and they signify strength, nourishment, passion, and trust. Daisies are for the 5th year and they indicate gentleness, fidelity, and hope. For the 10th year, daffodils are choicest. They remind us of simple pleasures. They also represent rebirth and new beginnings. Use asters for your 20th year. They represent wisdom and good fortune. Irises, lilies, and yellow roses and violets are for the 25th, 30th, and 50th anniversaries respectively.

  1. Matching the flower to her name

Linking anything to someone’s name would only make him or her feel more special. If the love of your life has an appellation of flowers, such as Daisy, lily, rose, Ivy, Jasmine, etc. consider sending a bouquet that equals those blossoms. They will create unforgettable memories because they show how thoughtful and caring you are.

  1. Go for a bloom hand bouquet that has her favourite shade

Who says you have the follow tradition? We all have our most wanted colours irrespective of the meaning they convey. You can modestly go for what makes her twitch. So if she loves bright red, roses or carnations wouldn’t be a bad alternative. Whether it is purple, pink, white, orange, etc. she will always adore it.

  1. Select a flower that has a special meaning to both of you

Memories, they say, last forever. You may have spent a dreamlike summer night packed with romance in the midst of sunflowers years ago, or maybe you got engaged with a ring and a bouquet of peonies. Whatever the case is, pick a bloom that reminds you both of the magical times spent together.

  1. A unique number of flowers in the preferred bouquet

Does a 99 rose bouquet ring a bell? It professes an eternal love to its recipient. A dozen first-rate red roses signify a love that burns avidly. This does not just apply to roses. Every number has its own significance, so feel free to explore.

  1. You can go for the scent

If you relate to scent better than sight, then go for sweet smelling and fragrant flowers. Stargazer lilies, lilacs, freesia, jasmine are some great choices for this. Imagine the indescribable feeling that this aroma can bring to you and your partner on your wedding anniversary. It can be very stimulating.

  1. Tulips

They signify perfect love, as a result, you can hardly go wrong with them. Their vibrant blooms have made them an ever-present choice for wedding anniversaries. Their flower arrangements will also give you great pictures. Their beauty makes them pleasant to exchange.

  1. Roses

Roses are without a doubt, the most popular and most loved flowers in the world, and it never gets cliché to use them for your anniversary. For a very long time now, they have been regarded as the definitive symbol of beauty and love. There are three most popular types of roses for wedding anniversaries. They are hybrid tea roses, spray roses, and garden roses. Whichever you choose will give you a lovely delight. You can also pick your favourite colours since they come in different colours. You can opt for a bouquet or a single stem depending on what you prefer.

  1. Orchids

A truly ageless flower and greatly sought-after plant. In ancient Greece, orchids were seen as a symbol of vigour. In the Victorian years, they were linked with luxury. Purple orchids flower are a choice for wedding anniversary floral gift because they symbolize beauty, admiration, and loyalty. Its unique shape and design make it a popular idea for a wedding anniversary.

  1. Lilies

Love is like dewdrops that fall on lilies. In prehistoric Greece, these tropical looking flowers were connected by maternity and reincarnation. Lilies symbolize splendid beauty, purity, and fidelity or devotion. They are gorgeous and flawless flowers for your anniversary. Though they may be typically known for marking the 30th anniversary, their importance is not limited to that. White lilies symbolize virtue. Pink lilies indicate prosperity whereas red lilies suggest hunger.

You can spice up your wedding anniversary by combining these awesome flower ideas with other memorable activities such as a dream vacation, an exotic dinner, etc. or you can use the flowers only. It is up to you. Get in touch and make your anniversary celebration one of the best days of your life with flowers.