Ultimate Guide: How do you Write the Perfect Valentine Message?  

What to Write in Valentine’s Day Card?

Besides arranging a special flower delivery on Valentine’s day, your card message along with the Valentine’s Day flower bouquet will be the next utmost important. Constructing a beautiful message for your Valentine is often mind-numbing. This is because, you may not be able to exactly translate into words, the way you feel about them. Depending on who you are writing to, whether it is your wife, husband, child, parents, or siblings, it is important to know the following guidelines to assist you in drafting out that perfect Valentine message:

Your message should be creative, unique, and follow a traditional format of:

  1. The opening or greeting. Refer to your lover with classic Valentine words. Examples are:
  • For my ideal husband
  • To my gorgeous spouse
  • To my darling child
  • To a brother for life
  • To my love
  1. The body or message. Write from your heart in a way that totally embodies the love you have for your Valentine. A few examples are:
  • You are the nicest and most considerate person I have ever known. I love you for who you are. You have been a blessing to me. You have been ever present for me. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • With every passing moment, I realize the key role you play in my life. I am very fortunate because I have you in my life. I do not take you for granted. Happy Val, my sweet heart.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet! I value every bit of you. Thank you for inspiring me to be the best I can be. You excel above all I can think of.
  1. Popular Valentine’s quotes. If nothing is still coming to your head, you do not need to beat yourself. Incorporate some famous quotes and use it as a leverage. You can use some famous Shakespearian, John Lennon, or Elizabeth Browning quotes. An example is:

  • “All you need is love.” (John Lennon)
  • “In what ways do I love you? Let me reckon the ways….” (Elizabeth Browning)
  1. Go with something classic and put your name or signature under. Examples are:
  • Yours now and always
  • My baby
  • Kisses and hugs

To your hubby: Your message should convey:

  • Words of Affection and Reaffirmation: For example, you can tell him how responsible he is, or how caring he is. Know how to tell him how in spite of the differences between you too, he is still the best decision you have made.
  • A scenario: You can include a major milestone that you have achieved together. For example, the birth of your first child, the day you got married, and the day you started dating, etc.

To your woman: The message should include:

  • Compliments on her look: Let’s face it, we all know just how much our women love and appreciate sincere compliments. Her heart would melt by just telling her how beautiful she is.
  • Compliments on her strengths: Is she a great cook? Reiterate it! Does she give you the kind of romance you have always fantasied about? Tell her. Let her know how things are tough for you when she is not around and how fortunate you are to be with her.

Remember to insert the card in a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

  • Never forget to say “I love you”

To siblings and relatives:

You probably grew up with them and spent a major part of your life with them so,

  • Let them know that if you were to come into this world again and again, you would still choose them as your siblings.
  • Remind them of some quality family time you spent together and the positive impact it had on you.

For your Father and Mother:

Depending on you, you can either write to them together or separately. Writing to each parent seems great because someone feels more special if a letter is addressed solely to him or her. However, addressing them together induces a feeling of unitedness in the family.

As mentioned in other cases, let them know how important and instrumental they have been to you thus far. Remind them of special times you shared together. We all know most moms are the more emotional ones.

For your child:

  • You may not need to do too much here. A simple message of “Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart” that is definitely accompanied by sweet treats would do the magic.
  • You can also say something like “Hope your Valentine gets sweeter as you grow”. Include chocolates, hearts, smileys, etc.

For your friends:

Opt for a freestyle bouquet. A message for a friend can start off with more positive statements and also include something funny. Be careful not to write something that would sound awkward. You do not want to be misinterpreted.

While writing the Valentine message, there are some things you should avoid:

  • Flattery: All your compliments should be honest and sincere. No one likes flattery.
  • Too long messages: Shorter messages are more striking.


Remember that just crafting the message is not all that there is. It must be conveyed in the most special way just like Valentine’s Day hand bouquet. Having looked at the elements above, can you now attempt to create the perfect Valentine message?