All About Chrysanthemums- History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

All about Chrysanthemums

These flowers are well known for their explosive and variety of colors that can vary from flower to flower of the same kind. They come in various forms and can even be daisy-like, buttons or pompons. Each of their head is actually a cluster of many flowers and they are classified into nine categories.

  • History

This flower was first cultivated in China. It was known as a flowering herb and is often described in their writings as early as the 15th century. Their pottery even depicted these flowers. There were many uses for the flower during their time aside from a remedy for headache. They were also eaten in salads and often brewed for festive drinks.

It later appeared in Japan wherein the Japanese fell in love with the flower and made it the official seal and crest of the Emperor.

  • Meaning

The flower is associated with a lot of meaning which is why they are very popular among florists. A local florist and an online florist can definitely tell you a lot about the flower as it is used often when creating flower arrangements and hand bouquets.

The meanings tend to differ from their color. If it comes in the color of red, this chrysanthemum means love. Like many other flowers in this color, this could be a popular flower to give someone you love or care about.

A white one symbolizes the truth and loyal love, which is popular for wedding bridal bouquets or flower arrangements that are used during weddings and anniversaries. This color usually associates itself with purity and honesty.

A yellow one means slighted love. This is the perfect flower to give someone you have growing feelings for. This could be a significant other, a girlfriend or someone you are dating. The message would be as bright as the flower and would bring cheer to anyone who lays their eyes upon it.

Generally, this flower symbolizes optimism, joy, long life and fidelity.

  • Facts

Chrysanthemums are considered very popular flowers and they come in a close second to the beloved Rose. The name originated from the Greek word Chrysos which means ‘gold’ and Anthemon which means ‘flower’. This is because the yellow version of this flower is so vibrant it reminded the people of riches and gold.

There are about 40 types of this flower and some have been created through selective breeding. They are also known to be tropical flowers which makes them a native to Asia and Northeastern Europe. Their stems can reach up to 6 inches in height and the flower itself can have a diameter of 10 inches, depending on the type and the environment it is grown in.

These flowers are known as perennials and start blooming in the early fall. They are also known as one of the ‘four gentlemen’ of china and represent the four seasons as well. This flower being Fall. There are many festivals that celebrate this flower and two of the most famous ones are the Chrysanthemum festival in China and the Festival of Happiness in Japan.

  • How to take care of your Chrysanthemums

If you are planning to get your hands down and dirty to plant these beautiful blooms, then you should keep these simple tips in mind.

  1. You need to plant them in a bed that is well-drained. This area or spot should have at least 5 or more hours of direct sunlight every day. You need to improve the quality of your soil first before you plant the seeds. You can do this by placing a layer of compost on the soil. An inch or two of it would do the trick.
  2. You need to place the plants apart from each other because this could cause complications later on. About 15 inches apart should be enough to avoid the increase of insects or fungal problems.
  3. The fun part is that these plants do not need that much water and you can water them once a week, just enough to moisten the soil up.
  4. This is something you do not normally do with your plants and that is pinching them. You need to pinch the growing tops of each stem back to the topmost bud when the plant reaches 6 inches in height. This would result in more buds and fuller plants.
  5. You need to monitor your plants every now and then even if you do not need to water them every day. Watch out for mites which tend to feed on the underside of the leaves of your plant. Spray them with pesticides.
  6. Pinch off dead flowers as well because wilted flowers tend to extend the wilt to other flowers, and this would eventually infect all of your plants.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that flowers need more attention than most and you would need to dedicate a lot of your time and effort into growing them and making sure they stay healthy. It might not be for everyone but with the right amount of dedication and hard work you would learn to love gardening and would be growing more variants of flowers in no time. Just remember these simple tips in taking care of your Chrysanthemums and find your blooms ready after a while of waiting. The outcome would be worth every minute you placed into growing the flowers.

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