The most popular color you must have associated roses with is the red colour. But one cannot help but wonder if blue roses occur naturally. Well, we cannot simply just wish things to happen. Blue roses do not occur naturally because the pigment that produces them is absent. This has made them a subject of increased interest and formed the basis of discussions all over the world.

People have tried to create true blue roses by means of hybridization and all forms of breeding, all to no avail. This is because there is no gene for it. However, people have improvised with roses to create blue roses, for example, through the use of artificial dyes. Here, they place a blue dye in the root barks. Blue roses play a significant part of everyday life, and the importance, as well as the meanings it carries, cannot be overstated.

The Meanings of Blue Roses

A couple of meanings are associated with blue roses, of which the most important of them would be discussed below:

  • Mystery: Akin to its origin, the fact that it does not occur naturally makes people develop a certain curiosity that cannot be satisfied. The blue roses help to accentuate puzzles that are incomprehensible. Theories and assumptions can be made as to unraveling the obscurities around blue roses, but in the end, they simply remain theories. The recipient of this special flower is considered to be the focus of a lot of thought and speculation.
  • Intricate Personality: In relation to the complexity of a subject, blue roses signify a personality that is difficult to understand and one whose actions are tough to interpret. It is said that blue roses happen to match the personality of a woman who dictates the tune of her own song. In essence, blue roses help to colour this kind of personality.
  • The Impossible: The blue rose represents the impossible. This is because the rose itself is not even within the reach of anyone. Being rare, it looks like it is impossible to achieve and as such, the blue rose has been associated with stuff beyond your reach of the mind. This makes the blue rose highly esteemed and revered. An uncontrollable imagination is what the blue rose talks about.
  • Extraordinarily wonderful: The blue rose appreciates a personality that has been impressive. It constitutes an awesome reward to someone, saying “You are extraordinarily magnificent”. Consider giving a hand bouquet of blue roses to a special person who touches your soul in a way that no other person has. Many  
  • Surrealism: Still in relation to the fact that the blue rose has been fabricated, the flower enriches the sense of surrealism which is an artistic crusade with a sense of aesthetic point of view with the focus on freeing the mind through the sheer powers of imagination and subconsciousness. Blue roses say “I know that I cannot have you, nevertheless, I cannot stop being thoughtful about you.”

For the lighter shade of the blue rose, it also carries a few unique meanings:

  • Enchantment: The lighter shade of the blue rose elicits a love at the phase of the first flush. If you have fallen in love at the first sight of someone, and you are shy to express yourself, a light blue rose would help you to imply the words that are in your heart. This promises to have a very delightful outcome.
  • Caution: The light blue rose has been with discretion. There is the need to take an informed decision in anything you make up your mind to. The blue rose helps to suggest that you should not just do things haphazardly, just for the sake of it.
  • New Opportunities: A classic meaning of the blue rose is the beginning of a fresh episode, the start of something new, open doors of opportunities, other meanings related to this. Of course, this should bring a lot of excitement to both the giver and the receiver.

In literary pieces, blue roses have appeared in movies, plays, songs, and a variety of art productions to show how far blue roses have come in being appreciated in different cultures. For example, in The Glass Menagerie, a Tennessee Williams’ play, Jim Nicknamed Laura “Blue Roses” because he did not hear properly, her explanation, that she had been out of school for a while due to a medical condition called Pleurosis.

Joni Mitchell produced a song titled “Roses Blue”. This was talking about malicious potentials of the occult threatening her album at that time. Popular Game of Thrones producer, George R.R Martin’s piece, a song of Ice and Fire, featured a scene where Prince Rhaegar Targaryen presented a crown of blue roses to the Lady Lyanna Stark. The effect here was that anyone who breathed the fragrance from the rose, somehow, forgot everything. This also supported the mysticism of the blue roses.

Having discussed the significance and different meanings of the blue roses, one should not forget that this rose is not found freely in nature. However, the particular charm of this flower that has been able to further whet the appetite of humans for it entails mystery, intricacies, surrealism, enchantment, caution, and fresh opportunities.

When next you get the opportunity to express yourself in any way, to people, or in a situation, do not hesitate to run to blue roses to find the true expression of yourself.