Can You Request a Particular Arrangements for a Funeral?

Contrary to some beliefs, it is actually alright to get creative during a funeral. It is a somber event, but it does not mean that it has to be entirely gloomy to pay respects to the one who has passed. A lot of people, especially those who have not been to a funeral before, would feel awkward in a funeral as they would not have any idea how to behave or what to do during one. Of course, it is common sense that funerals are no place to talk about yourself or to make the occasion normal.

Funerals are one of the most difficult occasions to be in during one’s life. Simply because grief is something that is messy and sometimes it is hard to understand it. If you are planning a funeral, do not overthink about what you should or should not do or what is allowed or not. Just be sensitive and aware of the fragility of the moment and plan from there. One of the most iconic elements of any funeral would be the funeral flowers. And a lot of you may not know that there are what florists like to call the ‘etiquette’ of funeral flowers.

Knowing a bit about it would probably help in easing the discomfort you feel when you are planning a funeral. You can suggest particular arrangements but make sure that it is not offensive, or even the wrong choice of flowers when you are done. This could lead to misunderstanding and more grief to the family of the one who has passed.

  1. History

Before you proceed to learn more about the arrangements of flowers for a funeral, you should first educate yourself a little bit about the history of flowers at funerals and memorial services. It is one of the oldest tributes practiced and done by people to honor the dead. The first noted proof of this would be 62,000 years ago.

Flowers have more importance and symbolism if you look and try to understand it clearly. Flowers are said to be a symbol of life and death itself. How fragile mortality could be and the beauty of life, before you die. Like flowers, everyone will wilt or die someday.

 Suggesting Particular arrangements

You are free to suggest particular arrangements for a funeral, as long as it does not go against the wishes of the dead or the family of the dead. While you may be free to do what you feel is right and what you want to show your sentiments and personal touch, it is always wrong to do something that was expressly forbidden by the dead person or the family.

You should be aware and sensitive to the impact of what you do or what your arrangement is. Even if you mean well, this may be taken the wrong way if not thought out properly. Some questions that you may ask are:

  1. Can you send the flower arrangement to the family’s home?
  • This is okay. Make sure to choose your flowers carefully and if you are not sure about the right flowers for a funeral, just ask the florist for they know what flowers to choose. Sending flowers at home is good especially if you know the family at a personal level. This is a good way to show your support in these difficult times and show sympathy. There is no steadfast rule on when you should send it as some would send it immediately and others would wait before they send it. Funeral flowers, no matter how big or how small, is simply a comforting reminder for the ones grieving that they are not alone and that the sender is thinking of them during this time of grieving.
  1. Charitable donations
  • If the family or the dead person’s last wishes would be to donate to a charitable institution in lieu of flowers, then it is always best to do what was requested. It is not only a sign of respect, but it is also a way of honoring what the person who has passed would have wanted. O course, this does not stop you from sending a flower arrangement anyway after donating.
  1. After the Funeral
  • You can still send your flower arrangements even after the funeral. It could be because you have learned about the funeral too late, or that you just want to remind them that you are still thinking of them even weeks or months after the loss. Any kind of comforting gesture would be received kindly by those who are grieving.
  • Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

These are some types of flower arrangements that you can choose from for the funeral.

  1. Funeral Baskets
  2. Sympathy Sprays
  3. Vase or Bowl Arrangements
  4. Plants
  5. Funeral Flower Stand

It is always important to know the culture and religion of the one who has passed as some cultures and beliefs have rules and laws regarding funerals and even flowers. Before you choose a particular arrangement, ask the clergy, the family or even the florist for tips regarding what type of arrangement would be appropriate for this or that kind of funeral. Flowers are almost always appreciated during times of grief as they are not only a symbol or comfort but they honor the dead as well with their beauty.