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Which Color Flowers for Funeral and Meaning?

When someone in the family dies, a funeral service comes next. Although this is the most emotional and difficult time for anyone, saying goodbye through the funeral service is important. During this time of sorrow and sadness, flowers play an important role. Flowers help create an environment filled with peace and solemnity as well as […]

Why Lily the Best Funeral Flowers in Singapore?

Flowers have been a common way to express sympathy and convey condolences when someone passes away. Since the early times, fragrant flowers were placed near the casket of the deceased person to ward off any unpleasant smell. Although modern embalming already solved the issue of unpleasant smell on the decaying body, the tradition of having […]

Chinese Funeral Etiquette and Superstitions

When it comes to funerals, significant rituals and ceremonies are practiced although they differ from one country to another or from one culture to another. Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, China practices their old-age funeral customs until now. Part of the Confucian principle and tradition is that the younger members of […]

Singapore Religion and Funeral Rituals: Do you Send Flowers to a Christian Funeral?

No other culture is familiar with the tradition of sending funeral flowers than Christians. It is widely an acceptable norm that people do when they pay visits to the funeral of a loved one or someone they are acquainted. Though some cultures make this norm a difficult thing to do, Christians would be so overwhelmed […]

Singapore Religion and Funeral Rituals: Do you Send Flowers to a Hindu Funeral?

Funerals vary according to traditions and cultures a person has. It is actually one of the reasons why paying respect to the deceased has to be thought carefully to avoid unintended offensive gestures. While in most cases, sending funeral flowers is what is observe but need it to be known that not all would accept […]

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