How Do I Tell Mourners What to Wear?

When organizing a funeral, it is best that you are able to inform those who are invited about every appropriate attire to wear during the ceremony. Although you might think that it is common sense to wear something conservative, some people might actually be attending their first funeral ceremony that is why it is the safest choice to be able to invite and inform them properly. Here are different methods wherein you can tell invitees and mourners what to wear during a funeral.

Methods of Informing

Informing close friends and relatives of the death of a loved one must also come with an instruction on the proper attire to wear during the ceremony. Make the most out of your invitations by including the desired attire of your guests to avoid any blunders and disrespectful clothes.

  • Snail Mail – Formal events such as weddings will most likely always have a letter invitation. As such, since funerals are also formal events, you can always opt to send out letters through the post. In this, you can add a note on the desired attire for guests. However, keep in mind that snail mails will usually take some time to reach the receiver. That is why there are other available options that will deliver the message quicker and clearer.
  • E-mail – Electronic mails are the top method of informing and sending out an invitation. They are quick to reach the person and they cost less. In fact, you can send an email wherever you are in the world. You just need to open an email account such as Google Mail and send out an invitation to not only one person, but even multiple people all at once. E-mails are also easier because if you forgot to include a not on the proper attire, you can always easily send out a second email with the same set of people that you sent the first invitation to.
  • Try to call them – Calling the guests is probably one of the hardest and time-consuming invites to do. However, personally calling someone would be a great way to send an invite especially if the person is close and dear to the heart of the deceased. Calling may take some time and we do suggest that you only do this to those who would really be affected with the death of the loved one. Not only are you able to console them after delivering the news, but you can also inform them of what to wear. So, when you grab the phone, make sure that you are calling someone that is dear to the deceased so as not to waste any time.

Appropriate attire for a funeral

No matter what culture you may come from, one thing is the same and inevitable, death. Different cultures honor the dead in different ways. White funeral flowers mean something to culture and will mean the opposite in another. However, across different cultures, there are similarities in traditions on what the appropriate wear may be when attending funerals. Here are traditional colors and attire that will be an appropriate choice for mourners to wear.

  • Black – In attending a funeral, one can never go wrong with a black suit or dress. Black is strongly associated with mourning, death, and loss. Around the world, wearing black is the cultural norm. It is perhaps the safest choice for you to wear so that you will appear disrespectful.
  • White – Some cultures also wear white during a funeral. White symbolizes sorrow and it also believed that symbolizes the belief of reincarnation. In some cultures, white is worn specifically by a widow from the cap to a dress. This tradition traces back in the 15th and 19th century.
  • Red – The color red must be worn with caution. This is the color in which its meaning varies from culture to culture. Some traditions do not welcome guests wearing red because it symbolizes happiness, which Is no place for a place of sorrow. This tradition can be found in the Asian culture such as in China and the Philippines. However, there are traditions which allow red during funerals because of particular events in their history. In South Africa, red represents mourning during the bloodshed that was undergone by many South Africans during the Apartheid.
  • Grey – A grey suit and dress are also acceptable in funeral weddings because they are muted colors and does not stand out. In relation, a dark navy colored suit and dress would also be acceptable. Most funerals are actually not so strict with dress codes for as long as the color is not too bright and ostentatious.
  • Wear a dress or suit – Aside from the color, it is also proper that you wear appropriate attire such as a dress or a suit. Avoid wearing shorts and denim so that you will not appear disrespectful. The foolproof option is always a dress and a suit.

Funerals are a sensitive occasion and the last thing you would want to do is to show disrespect. That is why, if you are organizing a funeral and sending out an invite, it would be proper and much safer to inform them beforehand of the desired attire during the funeral. Conservative colors and clothing are best welcomed in funerals and you would want to avoid having someone show up in bright floral or neon colors. Dressing appropriately for a funeral is definitely important and shows basic respect and decency to the people who have lost a loved one.

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