Planning a Funeral Ahead of Time and Prepaying

Surely life is going well for you right now and planning for your own funeral does not seem to cross your mind. Especially when you’re just starting with your job and plans to save money for your new apartment or spend it on a major travel across the Caribbean. However, planning your own funeral is certainly a good thing for you to do. But why does paying for a funeral service be part of your life plan? And why do others say it’s a smart move?

Why should you plan a funeral ahead of time?

  • Saves Money – We do know that money and death doesn’t seem to go together. But if there’s one thing we cannot avoid aside from death, it is what we called inflation. Inflation, like death, is unpredictable and the only way to beat it is to invest early. According to studies, the costs for funeral expenses have doubled over the last two decades. And although prepaid funerals don’t offer interest in your capital, it is still better to pay for the services while the cost is low.
  • Saves Loved Ones from Debt – After we die, we owe it to our loved ones to be financially prepared. The expenses for viewing and burial, basic service fees, transporting remains, a casket, embalming, obituaries, and other preparation will cost you an average between $7,000 to $9,000. With an amount this big, we don’t want to see our children and loved ones worrying over debt while laying us to rest.
  • Gives you Peace of Mind – Truth is, we know we are all going to die someday, so why not prepare for it just like how we prepare for big events like weddings or birthdays. Plus, you get to have a funeral just the way you want it to be and just how you want it to be.
  • It’s a Win-Win Situation – Although planning and paying for your funeral has all these positive side, we also need to be cautious before taking one. One advice given before prepaying for a funeral is to make sure that it is transferrable, which means you can use your funeral services to somebody else in case you immediately needed it. Or you may choose a company that offers to cash out the money if you wish to cancel their services. This way, you are not losing any money.

white lilies gerbera roses baby breath casket sprays designsHow should you prepay a funeral?

  • Imagine What You Want – Just like any life events, it is important to plan it ahead, and certainly funeral services should be one of them. Just try to imagine how you wanted your funeral to be. Do you want to be buried or cremated? To be laid in a cemetery or mausoleum? What type of casket do you want? Is there any specific funeral flower you wish to be decorated in your funeral? Be clear on what you want and list them all down before looking for any prepaid funeral services.
  • Do Your Own Research – It is important that before you avail for any funeral services, you must thoroughly do your own research at home. Try to compare prices from several companies or talk to funeral directors about their services before making your choice. You can even ask help from your local funeral consumer group to help you with the research.
  • Clarify the Agreements – Once you have decided on a funeral service company, make sure that the company clearly layouts its terms as well as your right as the purchaser. There must be a signed agreement or a contract that lists the items of merchandise, services and facilities you have chosen. It might also be convenient if you add in your final will.
  • Tell Someone – Prepaying for funerals is something you shouldn’t be ashamed of. In fact, you should tell someone you trust that you are planning to avail a prepaid funeral service. Ask them about their thoughts about it. And make sure to tell them about the name of the funeral company and the terms listed in the agreement once you have decided to avail one.
  • Keep Track of Your Money – As someone who does the paying, always keep track of your deposits. If you pay by cash, always ask for a receipt and keep it in a safe place. If it is deducted automatically in your payroll, ask for a printed statement of account to make sure that that your money is being deposited and accounted.

Although most of the people are still apprehensive in considering preplanning their funeral, it is worth noting that it is also not wrong. There’s a reason why nowadays a lot of companies offer prepaid funeral plans because, the fact is, these services aren’t cheap anymore. A funeral plan is now an important product to purchase just like buying a home or a car. It’s one of those major adult decisions in your life that you have to consider planning ahead of time, just like how you give a thought on things like career, savings, investments, and marriage. Just ensure that you choose a plan that is suitable for you. So tonight, think about it. And just remember that in doing so, you allow your family to grieve for your death that is free from added stress and worry. And that even in your final rest you get to have that peace of mind knowing that your final wishes are honored. Isn’t that a cool way to leave the life we lived?

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