Singapore Religion and Funeral Rituals: Do You Send Condolence Flowers to a Catholic Funeral?

Do You Send Flowers to a Catholic Funeral?

It can be a great challenge to decide and choose funeral flowers to bring or send to the funerals because of different traditions, cultures, beliefs, and religions. Flowers are a common way of expressing sympathy whether it is to your relatives, friends, or colleagues. To a Catholic funeral, is it appropriate to send flowers? The religious belief of the Catholic faith requires the use and symbolism of flowers in the funerals. As much as a funeral is important to the Catholic religion, so does the flowers arranged for the funeral a part of the tradition. Here’s what the florists say about funeral flowers in the Catholic funeral:

  • Traditional Funeral Flowers

Traditionally, flowers are a representation of soul and virtue. Having flowers in the funeral is significant to the occasion for the Catholic faith. There are flower arrangements specifically designed to express tribute and a celebration of life. The circular wreaths are meant to symbolize eternity and the cross wreaths are meant for the Catholic faith. Even the color of flowers, the type of flowers to use for the arrangements, and the style of arrangement are symbolic of the traditions in the Catholic funerals. If you are sending flowers to your friend during this time of sorrow and pain, you can maximize these traditions to express your compassion and support to the family.

  • Modern Designs Funeral Flowers

Contemporary designs and cosmopolitan arrangements are among the common arrangements for modern style funeral flowers. The flowers are brighter and more vivid in colors and the designs are different from the classic ones. In other Asian countries, the florists make us of the Zen artistry to come up with modern designs. Planters and dish gardens are available, too, and most of these are designed with modern flower arrangement style for the funerals. Some florists even use exotic flowers like Birds of Paradise to create a meaningful arrangement for the expression of condolences to the family.

  • Appropriate Flower Choices

The Catholic religion features specific types of flowers for the funerals. Among the appropriate choices of flowers include the following:

Chrysanthemums – The flowers of Chrysanthemum are symbolic of grief and death for the Catholics. This is one of the most common types of flower that are seen at the funeral homes and gravesites. This flower is commonly available in different colors and shades but the most appropriate one in the Catholic funeral is white. Dark rusty red Chrysanthemums are also acceptable, especially if it is meant undying love of a spouse. Bright and vivid colors of Chrysanthemums may not be appropriate but the family may request for one if it is the deceased person’s favorite color.

CarnationsCarnations carry the symbolism of the teardrops of Virgin Mary when she cried seeing Jesus as He suffered on the cross. This flower is recognized as the flower for admiration, reverence, and honor to someone who passed away. The variety of colors available for this flower can be used for the funeral flowers. You can have peach Carnations to express admiration to the deceased person or white Carnations to convey sympathy to the family. Red Carnations represent eternal love and pink Carnations are meant for remembrance.

RosesRoses are a traditional and classic flower for romance and love but it can be a flower to use for the funeral flower arrangements. This type of flower, especially the white one, is symbolic of purity and innocence. Most of the flower arrangements that the florists’ craft for the funerals has Roses as the main object. For funeral wreaths, casket sprays, standing sprays, and funeral baskets, Roses are a perfect flower to convey heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

Lilies – Classic and traditional, the flowers of Lilies are used to represent purity and innocence. It has been a belief that, once a person dies, the innocence and purity is brought back to the soul. Adding Lilies on the funeral wreaths or on the sprays makes the flower arrangement meaningful and expressive of the message of condolences. The flower shop offers a wide variety of Lilies that includes Stargazers, Peace Lily, Calla Lily, and more.

Gladiolus – The flowers of Gladiolus symbolize strength and character, faithfulness, integrity, and good reputations. The tall stems of the flower make the floral arrangement more attractive. This flower comes in different colors and shades but the most appropriate ones for the funeral flowers are the ones in pastel and light shades.

OrchidsOrchids are not just elegant and majestic in its wide variety of colors and patterns. This flower is also expressive of the sentiments and wishes, especially during this time of sorrow and grief. Orchids in pink and white colors are the most common for the funeral flower arrangements. These colors are symbolic of eternal love and prayerful wishes for comfort and peace.

Funeral service is an important occasion for the Catholic religion. With regards to that, funeral flowers are essential. If you know a family who lost a loved one, you can send flowers for the funerals. Most of the families prefer to have somber floral arrangements or funeral flowers in pastel shades and white color. Wreaths are usually in cross shapes and ring shapes to symbolize the Catholic faith and belief. The standing sprays and casket sprays are usually in large arrangements to offer tribute to the deceased person and to condole with the grieving family. Some Catholic families also ask donations in lieu of flowers in support of their charitable institutions.

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