What to write on funeral flowers for dad

It is indeed a time of great testing for a family when the head of the household is taken from them. There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for the death of your father. Even if he dies of old age or a chronic illness, it is still an event we wish we would not have to go through.

How do you pay tribute to the hero of your family? To the man who spent his years providing for the family in the best way he can. Even if you had rough patches with your father, one can’t deny the impact a father makes in a child’s life.

Flowers for your father’s funeral are only apt. Funeral flowers are one way of paying tribute to the man who knows trials and hardships in his lifetime. His sacrifices were not in vain. They were so he could send us to school, provide us with food, shelter, and more. We also look back on all of the advice that was passed on to us from the wisdom of our fathers.

Planning the Funeral Service

As an adult, you may be tasked with arranging for the funeral ceremony of your father. This is especially the case if your mother is also well along in years or you have survived your parents along with your siblings. The eldest in the family almost always takes responsibility for arranging the funeral ceremony which should include the funeral flowers.

But that doesn’t mean the other siblings and relatives can’t pitch in. After all, there is a lot of work planning for a funeral service entails. You may opt to use the services of a funeral home which should help minimize the tasks you need to do. However, this is a time when you need your family the most. It can be stressful to plan for a funeral but with the family around, you can plan the funeral together. This should also prevent arguments as the other members of the family also want the best funeral for dad.

Choosing the Funeral Flowers

When it comes to the funeral flowers, you can opt for roses and orchids. However, you may also go for hydrangeas, irises, and hyacinths. These flowers are traditionally seen in funeral flower arrangements for fathers, especially those who served our country in the army.

If your father is a soldier, you can also ask your florist to arrange the flowers in the colors of your country or your national flag.

The family is tasked with the flowers meant for the casket. This will include inside casket sprays which traditionally comes from the children in the family. You will also need to choose casket sprays.

Your other relatives and friends will give your family standing sprays and funeral flower baskets as well as funeral wreaths. You may also opt to request a funeral wreath from your local florist.

You don’t have to worry much about filling the funeral home, ceremony, or the burial service with lots of funeral flowers. As long as you inform your dad’s colleagues, batch mates, friends from a fraternity or other forms of brotherhood, and members of your church, you will get an overwhelming number of funeral flowers to decorate the service with.

What to say on the flowers

The best advice on writing a message on the sash for the flower wreath or spray is simply to keep it short and truthful. The words you write on the funeral flowers are meant to convey a message to the guests of the kind of father your dad was. The words we want to tell our father should always be said while they are still alive. You can expound on your message in the eulogy.

In the meantime, you may be thinking of the message that you will want your florist to write along with the funeral flower arrangement, and so here are some suggestions:

To my superhero, Dad I will forever miss you.

To the best Dad I could ever ask for, no words can express how much I will miss you.

Dear Daddy, you will forever live in our hearts and minds. I miss you so much.

Papa, I will cherish every moment we spent together, forever. All my love to you in heaven.

To Dad, the man who taught us humility and to pray in times of great trials. You shall never be forgotten.

Thank you Papa for changing my life and never giving up on our family.

To Dad, you are always and forever will be our hero.

Dear Daddy, you left a hole in my heart that will never be replaced. I am missing you so much.

Thank you for everything Dad.

Love you Dad.

Feel free to address your dad the way you would when he was still with you. If you called him a special name, then you could write that in the message. It will show how close you are to your father and how much you have bonded.

What if you have been estranged to your father for a long time? Hopefully you can bury your ill feelings towards your dad along with his death. It is a terribly unfortunate thing to have a broken relationship with your dad before he dies, but now we must remember that he is still our father. If we could just drop by the florist, order funeral flowers with a short message of forgiveness or simply to hope that he rests in peace will be enough.