5 Houseplants for 5 Personalities

 At this point, you have probably taken several personality tests and enthusiastically nodded with the results. Some of it even made you affirm your strengths and weaknesses. You may have even found out about how much of a personality you are. Honestly, personalities make up just everyone. However, humans are not the only ones who have personalities. Interestingly, greens and blooms even have their own personalities. Yup! You have heard it right. Some can even adapt to your personalities, and in return, you can also easily adapt to their personalities. Because, simply, both of you are twins from different species, a replica of each other.

Personality and Symbolism

Truth be told, plants and flowers bear hundreds of symbolisms, even their colors. From emotions, virtues, to actions, you name it. Each green has its own brand of metaphor. Knowing the symbolism of plants, you can carefully pick the ones that will help you create a positive environment. If you have been longing to meet your destined soil-mate, then congratulations for today is the day that you will finally discover your destiny that is enrooted in the soil. The following are household plants that correspond to five personalities:

  • Fashionistas

Are you someone who is into fashion and exotic accents? Are you someone who is a subtle chic and a tad eye-magnet? Then orchids are your spirit blooms. These floras are the embodiment of every fashionista. And do not forget its exotic flowers that will surely make you marvel at it. Their effervescent colors are the stand-out accessory in your home, just like you are a stand-out in the crowd. The splashes and spots on its eye-catching petals make it even more gorgeous.

Moth orchids, in particular, will blend in your eclectic room with ease. Plus, they are very easy to care for. Just some regular watering and a place where there is indirect sunlight, and that bloom will undeniably flourish with candor.

  • Waste-less

If you are someone who seizes the moment and never waste chances, then an aloe vera is just the plant for you. Like you, this aesthetic plant that has become a must-have for several plant enthusiasts is a carpe diem given life. Fortunately, while you are busy seizing the most wonderful moments in your life, an aloe vera won’t even become a liability to you because they will only need less water. It is apparently a plant with the least maintenance needed. As for the sunlight, it favors indirect yet a bright spot.

  • Faithful to the Schedule

For someone who is always on the clock, for someone who is always organized, and for someone who is a figure of overflowing devotion and focus, a prayer plant is for you. Just like a person who is faithful to the schedule, the prayer plant has leaves that are always on time.

Although they are easy growers, these red prayer plants are needy. Thus they will demand for a decent amount of time. However, their demand is only a regular mist and a spot where a filtered light brightens the room. They really love the sun, but they also tolerate a low light environment. What they really hate is soggy soil. So, if you ever want to become a plant parent, remember that prayer-plants want moist soil, not overwatered or dry.

  • Introvert’s Friend

Who said that introverts are boring people? Nope, everyone should break that stereotype. They just like the company of themselves rather than others. So, with much time on their hands as they do not expend their energy on other people, a bird of paradise plant is the green for them. These high-maintenance plants might request for tons of care, but honestly, once it flourishes, it will give the extroverted a feeling of reward. Their large leaves particularly would love to be wiped clean.

  • Dreamcatchers

Everyone is a dreamer, but not everyone has the guts to realize the dream. Just like you. With that in mind, a pot of golden pothos is a reflection of you in plant form. These simple plants are stunning in their own simple aesthetics. The fun does not just end in their simplicity as they are a constant source of perseverance. For someone who quenches the thirst for success, pothos are surely for you.

Moreover, they are perfect houseplants for those who are always on the go like students, travelers, and those who have piles of deadlines and folders stacked on their tables. They are really independent plants because while you fulfill the desires of your never-settling feet, they will still thrive with a small amount of attention. Call it your friend because it will not bother you much as it will need only a minimal amount of water and an indirect intake of sunlight. However, do not blindly leave your pothos because they can grow up to 10 feet.

Things to Remember

Now that you might have found your spirit plant, the following are things to consider in adopting a houseplant:

  • The pots are equally important as the plant because size matters. If you were to have a small plant, then purchase a small pot. If it were big, then a big pot it is! Additionally, the color and shape matters too.
  • Not to dampen your spirit, but do not be too ambitious. The spot must accommodate the area. Meaning, if your room is all packed-up, then putting a large green is nonsensical. However, if your office is spacious enough, then you can bring in space-consuming greens.
  • Lastly, you must know if you can make time for plants. Remember that they have lives and personalities too. Some require a little bit of attention, some need more. Thus, you have to reflect if you can commit being a plant parent.

Having a plant that fits your personality is a very wonderful thing to have. Through them, you can see yourself. And through them, you can discover more about yourself.

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