10 Cool Plants to Gift a Loved One

No matter what the occasion is, there is a plant that is ideal to give a gift to loved ones and friends. Plants are a perfect choice to give to loved ones when it comes to unique and interesting gifts. There are various types of plants with different colors, and there are species that are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are thinking of sending plants as a gift to a loved one, check these 10 cool plants:


  1. Calathea Plant

Visually appealing and low-maintenance requirement, this type of plant makes a cool gift for any occasion. The colorful leaves are gorgeous in its ornate style, providing a beautiful alternative to flower bouquets and arrangements. Calathea is also easy to care for at home or in the office. It can thrive well in moderate light. To some people, this plant is called as the “prayer plant” because of its leaves likened to hands folded to pray.


  1. African Spear Plant

Instead of flat leaves, the African Spear Plant is distinct in its finger-like or spear-like structure. The leaves resemble the spears, making it very elegant in pots and vases. This plant is among those ideal as sculptural plant and ornament because of the slender leaves.


  1. Philodendron Plant

Known to have large, giant leaves, the Philodendron plant makes any room or office areas brighter. This plant is highly favored because of its properties that can help clean and purify the air. If you want to give something that will last for a long time, a pot of Philodendron is incomparable. In addition, this plant is easy to grow at home and in the office.


  1. Jade Plant

Jade plant is a top choice when it comes to cool plants to give as gift. It is not only easy to care for but does not require too much water as well. The leaves of the Jade plant give signal when it is already thirsty. From the roots to the tips of the leaves, this plant is super hardy. In fact, it can easily bounce back to life after drought once watered. To a friend, parent, sister, or co-worker, this plant is a perfect gift on any occasion.


  1. Chinese Money Plant

Also known as coin plant, the Chinese Money Plant is a wonderful option if you want to give a loved one a gift that expresses well wishes. Just like how easy for its new sprouts and shoots to pop out in the soil, this plant is symbolic of fortune, prosperity, and productivity. Because of this, it is among the top picks for the gift of plants on all types of occasions.


  1. Orchid Plant

An Orchid plant is an elegant gift that you can give someone. Whether on birthday or Mother’s Day, or on holidays or anniversary, there are hundreds of species of Orchids to find at the flower shops and these plants are great for gift-giving purposes. Orchids are not just beautiful, graceful, and lovely. They are meaningful and symbolic as well, making your gift of plants even more valuable on different types of celebrations and events.


  1. Bird’s Nest Fern

If you want to give the gift of plant to someone you love, the Bird’s Nest Fern is a wonderful choice. Although Fern plants are known for the difficulty in growing and maintaining, this type of Fern is one that will suit any plant lover. For your special gift on special day, you can give your loved one a pot or two of the Bird’s Nest Fern. It is appealing in its long leaves and light green color.


  1. Monstera Plant

The ubiquitous patterns of the Monstera plant leaves are attractive and that makes it a lovely gift to a loved one. The unique pattern visible in the leaves is a product of several genetic modifications. Because of this, the Monstera plant is not available in the market and is not a common commercial plant being grown in any garden. However, species of Monstera plants can be found by searching thoroughly. When you give it a gift, it only means that the receiver is someone very special to you.


  1. Rattlesnake Plant

Considered as one of the varieties of Calathea, the Rattlesnake plant is one of the beautiful plants there is. Its leaves are long and durable and it has the unique and attractive markings on the leaves that look like someone painted them intentionally. It has the resemblance of a rattlesnake, too, which is why it was given the name. If you are looking for an extravagant gift to give, this one will definitely fit your style and your requirement.


  1. ZZ Plant

The glossy leaves of ZZ plant are beautiful. Many are attracted to its lobed leaves, especially in deep-green color. It is a great option for gifts to loved ones because it is ideal for home and office spaces. It is easy to care and it can thrive even in rooms where there is little sunlight or direct light. The plants do not require too much water, too, making it a nice indoor interior decorating object. In fact, it is perfect for modern and contemporary homes.

These cool plants are just a few of the numerous plants out there that are ideal for gifting. Depending on the requirement on maintenance or on style, you can give the gift of plants to the people you love on every occasion and celebration.

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