How to Propose on Valentine’s Day?

A lot of people often propose on Valentine’s Day with a flower bouquet, though it takes effort for the proposal not to flop. On the one hand, this day is so romantic so it tends to be a decent day to get engaged. Then again, proposing on a vacation can turn overly mushy in the event that it isn’t done right. To begin with, here are a few hints to guarantee that your proposal will be a triumph.

  • Consider her character type before you settle on the proposal style. Inquire as to whether she is the sort of young lady who might appreciate a private or a public proposal before you begin arranging things. If your girlfriend hates standing out in a crowd, a private proposal will be best. If not, she might be uncomfortable and humiliated if you propose in public.


  • Record a special moment. If your girlfriend is the sort that loves scrapbooking and loves sharing photographs on her Instagram account, then she will truly appreciate you asking someone to record the proposal and/or take pictures for memories’ sake. But you shouldn’t bother if she hates being on camera so that things don’t become awkward.


  • Try not to stick to the obvious proposal times. It’s already Valentine’s day so you don’t want to appear cheesy by sticking to the obvious times like proposing during dinner. Do not ask the server to serve the ring on a dish or in your dessert – that idea is overused already. You need to propose when she least expect it in order for her to be surprised.


  • Avoid exaggeration. It is very easy for men to take things over the top when they are nervous. They try to include a lot of detail because they want every single thing to be perfect. There is a fine line between perfection and insanity – don’t cross it. Don’t make the special event to be cringe-worthy by hiring a band to visit your partner at her workplace.


  • Try not to propose in an unpleasant manner. You ought to never propose this way, especially not on Valentine’s Day. Instances of unpleasant proposals are scaring her or acting like you are dying so she can value your bravery later. Proposals have to romantic and nice, period.


Now that you know what to do and what to avoid, here are some proposal ideas for you to make the moment memorable and special.

  1. A movie scene

Numerous couples go to the cinema/theatre to watch a movie/play on Valentine’s Day. If your sweetie loves being the center of attention and will definitely say yes, speak with the cinema/theatre ahead of time to check whether you can propose in front of the crowd. Don’t forget to choose a movie/play that is related to love or wedding. A theater manager can help you to pull off the most memorable and theatrical moment. Remember to purchase tickets right on time as Valentine’s Day is always a busy night. A variation on this is to purchase an advertisement at your cinema that will appear prior to the previews. To get the chance to do this, you need to get to the cinema/theatre before the actual arranged time.

  1. Let’s Candy it

Get something sweet for your gf – cookies/chocolates shaped like hearts and put the engagement ring in it. She (or he) might be shocked that you bought such a cheap gift, however, if you can get your loved one to open the box, the element of surprise will make it a success! The other option is to purchase or make a pack of sweets with discussion hearts and give her one that says “Marry Me.” Casually share the pack of sweets with her, having the unique one covered up in your pocket. When she is a bit distracted, take it out and whisper, “Here, this is the best one for you,” and present the ring to her on one knee.

  1. Go back to the First Date or any other Special Moment

For this to work splendidly, make sure that your partner does not have other plans on February fourteenth, and then make all the plans to reproduce your first date (or any other Special Moment). Go on a picnic and pack food and drinks, book a spot in a similar eatery, or download the music that will remind her of that moment. Remember to complement the outfit colors! As the day is about to end, tell her that you have recreated the event since it was the moment you knew she was the one for you (or realized that you needed to spend the remainder of your lives together), and kneel afterward and ask her to marry you.

  1. On a Sail/Drive/Walk

Set aside some effort to locate the popular lovers’ spot close to you, and take your Valentine there in a casual manner, discussing why you love her and why you see your future with her. When you get to the actual spot, pause for a minute to savor the landscape, and state something like, “I brought you here so you can see a place that is nearly as pretty as you are to ask for your hand in marriage.

  1. Hide the ring in plain sight

In case you are not the lovey-dovey type, your gf will be suspect something is up if you suddenly ask her to go to the theatre or for an extravagant dinner with you on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, hide the ring in plain sight in your home — this may be in the fridge, in the cutlery cupboard, or on the neck of the wine bottle and add a note that says “Will you be my wife?” Just hide it in a place where she checks daily. Stick around here till she finds it, and then go down on one knee to propose. Another easy casual option is to ask her if she wants her engagement to be published in the local paper. While your fiancé-to-be is still trying to understand what you said, remove the ring from your pocket and propose.

  1. On Air

If your honey loves listening to a radio station every morning or tunes in to a similar one at work each day, make arrangements to propose on the radio on Valentine’s Day. Call the presenters or book a slot with the radio station in advance.

  1. Photograph Book

Make a photo book about all the most important moments in your relationship. Then write “What will the future bring?” on the second to last page, and write “Can we get married?” on the last page.

  1. A Cryptic Book

Your partner has received the love token from you. When she opens the gift, she will see a romance novel. A large portion of the pages will be glued together, however, a page will open revealing an engagement ring nestled in the cut-out slot.


The proposal ideas are just guidelines to get you started. Choose what’s best for you and your partner and make the day pleasant and memorable.