What Does the Colour of Your Valentine’s Day Roses Say?

Valentine’s day is probably one of the most celebrated occasions around the world. People who are in love are busy during this occasion and as well as florists in Singapore. But picking the right color for that loved one that you want to give the roses to can be a daunting task. Having basic knowledge about what rose colors mean can help you choose which color you should give. Below is the list of rose colors and their corresponding meanings.


  • Red rose: Love and Romance


It is a traditional meaning of love and romance as well as a reflection of beauty and perfection. When you cannot express your deep love to someone, instead of saying ‘I love you’, you can hand

them 3 stems of red roses. This is a versatile color, whether it’s for a birthday, valentine’s day or you just want to express your strong desire to someone at any time of the day, there’s no better way

than to give them a hand bouquet of red roses.


  • White roses: Marriage and Purity


Generally, it pertains to marriage and spirituality. But traditionally it is associated with purity and new beginnings because of their quiet beauty. It is also often a gesture of sympathy and remembrance especially when someone passes away. It is another way of expressing that you are thinking of them and its popularity among funerals. You can avail flower delivery to send someone a white rose to let them know how you feel about them.


  • Lavender roses: Love at First Sight


Those who have been captivated by their strong feeling of love have used this color to express their admiration towards a person. When you just met someone and you immediately fell in love the moment you saw them for the very first time, this is the great rose color to give.


  • Pink rose: Gratitude and Appreciation


It is a perfect hand bouquet gift for your lover or even your best friend. Its gentle and sweet color makes it versatile for any occasion. It is often given as a token of admiration whether it is your lover, fiancee or best friend. It will surely give a bright spot in someone’s day. Pink colored roses are good for the eyes and perfect for people who don’t want to be the center of attraction if they are handling this flower, especially during Valentine’s day.


  • Orange roses: Desire and Passion


When you are seriously captivated and bewitched by someone, hand them this orange rose. Aside from strong desire, it also means enthusiasm because of the blazing energy that this color has. Expressing your best wishes towards someone can be another meaning of orange roses. Valentine’s day is not only the day for lovers but you can also celebrate it with your family whom you truly love and appreciate.


  • Green roses: Life and Abundance


Since the color green is life, it also symbolizes new beginnings because of its pleasing color to the eyes. It also signifies a rejuvenation of spirit and brings positivity to the receiver of this flower. So, if you want to start a new life with the love of your life, this is the perfect rose color for you. You could also give this if you are proposing for marriage. Your significant other will surely say yes to it.


  • Salmon roses: Strong Desire and Excitement


It also suggests a budding new romance or relationships. This color also conveys a sense of playfulness especially among youth who are still in the early stage of relationships. So, if you are thinking of asking formally the person you are currently dating now, this is the perfect rose color to give. Its color is subtle and charming.


  • Cream roses: Charm


It also means thoughtfulness because of their subtle color so it’s a great and perfect flower for expressing to someone what you care for them sans romantic intentions. It also represents richness and perfection with a sense of the calming vibe. You can give someone a cream-colored hand bouquet by inquiring flower delivery the same day who offers fresh flowers by just providing contact details and they will be the one to send them personally.


  • Peach roses: Sincerity


Aside from sincerity, it could also mean modesty and gratitude. Its a perfect gift to someone when you are expressing gratitude for a favor, for example. Plus you can include a card with it. It can also be used to give to someone when you are missing them and you want to let them know that you are thinking about them. Book an online florist if you want to send a flower arrangement to someone.


  • Blue Roses: Mystery


Blue rose is an element of fiction and imagination like it has always been portrayed in literature. As it is being symbolized as unattainable, the person you are giving this to means that he or she is destined to be a dream only and never a reality. Or it could suggest that you can’t stop thinking about that person but you can never really have them.


Now that you are acquainted with the basic rose color meanings, then you are ready to pick which color to choose and give it to someone you love.

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