10 Unexpected Wedding Flower Ideas

The possibilities are definitely endless when it comes to wedding flower ideas. Weeding flower is more than just the bridal bouquet. If you are thinking of carrying a gorgeous flower hand bouquet as you walk down the aisle or having the most attractive and pleasant floral centerpieces at the reception, the florist says that you should not stop there. The wedding flowers are way more useful and versatile on wedding no matter what the style is.

Here are 10 unexpected wedding flower ideas that you can choose and maximize on the most awaited big event:

  1. Bridal Bouquet Succulents

It may sound very modern and stylish, the plants of succulents are great pieces of flower or plant that are ideal to include in the bridal bouquet. They even look great when combined with different types of flowers fresh and artificial. Some florists even add succulents to paper flower bouquet for the wedding.

  1. Fabric Rosette Wedding Bouquet

If you want the idea of using fabrics on your wedding day, you can choose one for the bouquet. You can choose any colors of fabrics to add to your wedding. Fabric rosettes are not just great for the bouquets but also for the church decoration and reception decoration. From the bouquets to the boutonnieres and corsages to aisle and reception decorations, wedding car decor, the ideas are endless.

  1. Unique Flower Wrap

You can have a unique wedding bouquet wrapped with colorful or printed cloth or handkerchief. There are hundreds of designs to choose from that match the wedding theme and wedding motif. Aside from handkerchief, fabric, and cloth, papers and magazines are also perfect for unique flower wraps for the wedding bouquets and wedding flowers.

shop cotton flower bouquet onlineWheat Plant Bouquet

Having wheat on your wedding bouquet is a great idea. They are just as perfect as the dried flowers and greenery. Dried wheat plants can be used on the bridal bouquet, aisle, long tables, and receptions. A wheat plant can also be added with Lavenders and greenery and accessorized with laces and ribbons for accents.

  1. Vintage Brooches Bouquet

Incorporating vintage jewelry to the wedding flower bouquet is also a great way to include your mom or grand mom’s priceless collections in your wedding. It is also a way of honoring your loved ones on your special day. You can also have your bridal flower bouquet accessorized with pieces of jewelry if you want to have both flowers and vintage brooches. The florist can help you create a stunning wedding bouquet using those vintage jewelry pieces.

  1. Floral Backdrop

Instead of expensive backdrop materials and accessories, using and incorporating flowers for the backdrop is a way to save on cost but have stunning and extravagant decoration on a wedding day. The stage will look totally different and attractive when designed and decorated with types of flowers that match the wedding theme. It could be a ceiling-to-floor floral backdrop to emphasize the romantic event.

  1. Floral Monograms

Customize and personalize your wedding decorations by using flowers on monograms. You can spell out your initials with monograms and have them accentuated with fresh and colorful flowers. The florist has hundreds of designs for the monograms, which include heart shapes, letters, objects, and more. The stationary design will provide the guests with a spot where they can take pictures and videos.

  1. Floral Photobooth Wall

There are different types of flowers to use for the floral photo booth wall. You can mix and match the flowers according to your theme and motif. This style is perfect if you have a garden wedding or an outdoor wedding. Flowers on the photo booth wall will add elegance and romantic ambiance to the wedding event. If you want romantic and lush wedding decorations even if you choose the outdoor area, this wall will surely make your vision of a romantic wedding complete and lovely.

  1. Fresh Flowers on Buffet Tables

Tables and chairs, as well as the buffet tables,  can be accentuated with fresh flowers. You can have single blooms on each empty spot on the table or on each tray and even on cocktails and glasses of drinks. There are types of flowers that can be added directly to food and drinks. Some edible flowers can also be served not just as decorative items on the table but also as part of the menu.

  1. Floral Dance Floor

You can have a floral dance floor designed specifically and creatively by the design and production team. Adding vinyl in floral prints and patterns provides a lovely and amazing floral dance floor for the groom and bride for their first dance as a couple.

Save money on wedding flower delivery SingaporeFlowers at weddings are a no-fail way to make the venue looking fresh and attractive. With special choices of flowers and designs, the accents add a bit of beauty to the ceremony and to the romantic celebration. While fresh flowers are best used for the bouquets, church or wedding aisle, receptions and centerpieces, flowers can also be used to create magic and a touch of uniqueness on your wedding day. The best way to maximize your wedding flowers and save on expenses is to let your wedding florist know what style you want. With these unexpected wedding flower ideas, you can even repurpose the flowers you used at the ceremony for the decoration of the wedding reception venue. There are so many unique things and objects to do using fresh flowers, and working with the right florist, you can have a lovely wedding event that is different from the rest.

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