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7 Best and Affordable Wedding Banquet in Singapore

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Searching for a wedding lodging or a wedding dinner setting? Our amazingly helpful list of wedding banquet value has 2021/2022 wedding data for numerous venues. Therefore, shortlisting serves to be a piece of the cake! Choosing a wedding scene is the main wedding choice you’ll need to make when organizing your festivity. Regardless of whether […]

What’s the difference between a buttonhole, boutonniere and corsage?

Weddings are very important and special and everyone wants to make this occasion a very memorable one because it happens once in a lifetime. When planning a wedding there are many things one must think about and get them done and the choice and arrangement of wedding flowers is just one of them. Most of […]

Wedding Tip: Picking Flowers for a September Wedding

September might be the month when fall starts, but that does not imply that splendid colors of summer have vanished. The flowers in September are usually pretty, hardy and full. They are perfect for any event, especially weddings because almost all the flowers come in assorted colors. This makes it easy to match the flower […]

No Peonies for Bridal Bouquet. Try These Inexpensive Flowers.

Garden Roses instead of peonies for your bridal bouquet Cabbage roses or English garden roses are one of the most loved blossoms for weddings. They are named Centifolia because they have one hundred petals and are termed as “cabbage” roses because of the globular flower shape. Their feel and look are so romantic and feminine. […]

8 Wedding Flowers That Able to Tolerate the Sun in Singapore

Summer is actually an ideal time for weddings, especially those who want to enjoy a bright sunny day on this special occasion. Singapore is the perfect wedding destination. You rarely have to worry about it raining during your outdoor venue party. Not only this, but you can also enjoy the lush greenery of an outside […]

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