15 Perfect Wedding Car Decorations for that “Just Married Ride”

Your first ride as a newly-wed couple can be more memorable if you have a perfect wedding car designed with unique “Just Married” car decorations and with attractive wedding car decorations. A Flower Delivery of the flowers may include some intended for the wedding car. The Florist knows that you want yours to be just unique and one-of-a-kind. From classic and vintage calligraphy to the modern style, you have a huge selection to choose from. Here are 15 perfect wedding car decorations for your much awaited “just married” ride:

  1. Neon Signs

Wedding signs and car decorations in neon and LED light material come in a variety of sizes, designs, and styles. The online florist can help you pick the style that fits your wedding theme. From “Mr. and Mrs.” To “Just Married” to wedding hashtag signs, you can play with the material and make your wedding car decorations stand out.

  1. Garlands

Garlands on wedding car make a lovely experience of the “just married” ride you have been waiting for. The florist creates stunning garlands of flowers especially for your wedding car on your wedding day. The garlands can be tied on the hood and bumper of the car.

  1. Stick-On Decals

Stick-on decals are the perfect alternative if you don’t want to write in the car. Decals can be customized with the bride and groom’s names or initials and with their wedding date. Decals are easier to stick on and remove off the windows or surface of the wedding car, unlike other materials that may damage the car.

  1. Wedding Banners

The flower shop offers a wide variety of designs for wedding banners. You can find one made from glitters or from papers and crafts. Some banners are printed with paint and colors while some are designed with the best calligraphy.

  1. Silk Ribbons

Silk ribbons are also a perfect wedding car decoration material. The wedding florist or the car rental company can easily create a stunning design using silk ribbons. This material is also available in different colors, giving you the best choice that matches your wedding motif and theme.

  1. Bows

Bows for the wedding car decorations are usually made from tulle. Your wedding florists in Singapore can easily make a beautiful flower arrangement using the tulle bows. In different colors, you can also have your wedding car decorated with flower bows, ribbon bows, butterfly bows, and heart bows.

  1. Car Flags

Car flags are not just for the racers but also for the married couples on their wedding getaway car. There are different designs to choose from with prints and writings specifically meant for the wedding car decorations.

  1. Paper Scrolls

The scroll-like design is sure to give that romantic feel. The paper scrolls are just perfect for wedding car decorations especially when paired with bows and flowers. The online florist offers hundreds of designs and calligraphy styles for the paper scrolls for weddings.

  1. Burlap Banners

Painted and printed with “Just Married” sign or with names or initials of the couple, this type of banner is perfect for the rugged-style wedding theme. You can have this banner handled by your wedding florist and included in the florist delivery together with the flowers for the wedding.

  1. Wreaths

Wreaths can be made from flowers, green leaves, and other greenery garlands and paired with signs. It can be placed on the bumper of the car to emphasize the big event. Wreaths are also easy to customize and personalized for unique and distinct wedding car decorations.

  1. String Banners

You can spell out “Just Married” or the couples names and initials using string banners. There are fun materials and colors to use for this simple but artistic wedding car decoration.

  1. Cans and Signs

Pair signs with cans attached to the bumper and let the whole world know that you are officially married. The tradition of tying cans to the vehicle has been practiced for centuries, and modern couples still love the idea.

  1. Window Clings

Clings hanging on the windows of the wedding car look perfectly great for such a stunning and cheerful event. You can go personal with the eye-catching phrases like “Newlyweds”, “Together Forever”, or the classic “Just Married”.

  1. Balloons

Balloons on car make the celebration more festive. You can have balloons printed with the names of the couples, or their initials and wedding date. You can also choose to have the “Just Married” sign spelled out using balloons in colors and motif matched with that of the wedding.

  1. Fresh Flowers

Traditionally, wedding car decorations are never complete without fresh flowers. If you are looking for the perfect materials to decorate the car for the couple’s wedding getaway, you will never go wrong and outdated with fresh flowers. The wedding florist just knows which types of wedding flowers work best to endure the temperature and windy environment.

On your most awaited wedding day, you can make your exit from the wedding venue or receptions more unique and unforgettable by choosing the perfect wedding getaway car decorations. This once-in-a-lifetime event will surely be memorable for you as the bride and groom and for the rest of the family, friends, and guests. Choose from these wedding car decorations to be included in the Flower Delivery and make your “Just Married” ride a fabulous first trip together as a couple on your journey to happily-married life.

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