7 Trendy Ideas to Decorate your Wedding Car

Wedding cars are a definite must-have for any wedding. How else would you ride off into the sunset with the love of your life? Often times, couples plan the wedding and include in their budget the transportation and the decorations. There are, of course, couples who prefer to decorate their own wedding car to give it a personal touch. Some also have a concept or idea ready and all they need is someone to execute them. Either way, decorating or planning a design for your wedding car can be a fun activity and relatively easy if you have a one-track mind.

You can also check out various websites like Pinterest for more inspiration regarding your wedding car theme or decoration. There are a lot of ideas that have become a common interest for all couples through the years. You can always go with that other than trying to figure it our on your own. To start, here are 7 trendy ideas to decorate your wedding car:

  1. Fairytale – this is one of the common and most used theme or concepts, for a wedding car decoration. Just like any other fairytale, this one rides off into a happily ever after. Just like in the movies, or the Disney princesses you see on television, the sign “happily ever after” can be plastered on the vehicle itself. This is perfect for those girls who dreamed of becoming a princess and having a fairytale come to life of their own. It is a whimsical touch to a very special occasion. You can spice it up with a bit of fairy dust or glitters or even create a whimsical theme for your wedding to have the fairytale themed wedding car ready to whisk you away which could represent the white horse or the carriage in fairytale movies.


  1. Let’s tell the world – This is perfect for those who are so giddy with excitement about getting married that they want the whole world to know as their car drives down the streets and passes by shops and passerby’s. This concept is easy to do and very common as most people would love to shout and tell the world of their love and how they have become united in holy matrimony. You can always decorate it in any way you want or based on the theme of your wedding and just put the words, “Just got married” on the back so that people can see as you drive by them from the church. This not only makes it a worldwide celebration as people often become happy too if they see someone had just gotten married, but this also shows the world that love will and always be something you should not be ashamed or afraid of the world to know about.

  1. Flower Power – Of course, there are those who prefer a touch of nature and what better way to do that than flowers. You can ask a florist to create unique and beautiful flower arrangements for your wedding car that could even match the brides bouquet. This type or concept is simple yet beautiful and definitely eye catching. Flowers represent a lot of things, including beauty and growth which is a perfect definition of what a newly wedded couple should do or be. This type of wedding car decoration is sweet and elegant, especially if the design is simple and not that grand as flowers have a magic of their own.


  1. DIY – Do it yourself. This concept is generally liked by a lot of newly wed couples or couples who are about to get married because not only will it cost less, this could very well be a fun activity that helps you get to know your partner more before tying the knot. You and your partner could share the ideas of the design and learn what he or she dislikes and likes. You can even consider it as a first project that you and your future spouse would work on. The first of many. This is also fun as it gives you free reign, so you do not have to stress about a lot of things other than the wedding plan itself and have fun as you create a wedding car that is entirely you and your spouse. This could represent how you are as a couple and who you are as people. The beauty, of course, always comes down to saving more money.

  1. Let’s fly away – What better way to decorate a wedding car but with balloons? Balloons are often used, like flowers, for various occasions because they come in different styles, types and colors and can represent any type of expression depending on the occasion. This is not your regular type of wedding car decoration, but it adds joy to the occasion. Balloons are often associated with youth and mirth. Couples who typically go with this design want to represent themselves as youthful, fun and or vigorous. This is perfect for any couple who want to have a little childish fun.


  1. Traditional – Do you hear those tin cans hitting the asphalt? Someone must have just gotten married. The traditional decoration for any wedding would be the tin cans. This has gone on for too long, it has become somewhat vintage. This type of wedding decoration is perfect for those who want the traditional feels and those who want to announce their wedding to the world in a loud and fun way.


  1. Classic – Ribbons. Who doesn’t like ribbons? This type of wedding car decoration is simple yet sweet and elegant. You could choose from small ribbons to big ribbons and it would still make the same announcement, you just got hitched.