How to DIY Decorate your Christmas Tree?

How to Decorate a Christmas tree like a Pro?

The Holidays are fast approaching. So, everyone wants to decorate their ideal Christmas tree using ornaments, baubles, and lights to light up the occasion. However, doing so is not that easy as you might expect. Though decorating your tree might seem a challenging affair, following the steps mentioned beneath can be very helpful in your efforts.

So, let’s dive in:

Get a quality Christmas tree for yourself: 

Always look to get a Christmas tree built with high-quality materials to support the decorations you will put into it. Trees made with premium quality materials are long-lasting and can be utilized repeatedly in the following years, without losing their attractive looks.

Choose a customary tree instead of the trend-led ones so that it doesn’t become ‘obsolete’ with time. With a conventional Christmas tree, you can design it the way you want. With each year, pre-lit Christmas trees are becoming popular and a top choice for numerous families. Furthermore, keep in mind, to see that your Christmas tree doesn’t suffer wear and tear, look for those that can be set up easily and stored.

On the other hand, if a real Christmas tree is what you want, there are many types and styles accessible to purchase at tree firms, DIY stores, homes, and markets.

Think of fluffing and shaping the branches:

If you want to make your Christmas tree look more natural and fuller, you need to fluff its branches. This can be a tedious errand; however, trust the result will be quite fantastic. Spread the branches so that a maximum territory can be covered. What’s more, don’t wait to twist those distinct branches to fill up those gaps. Remember that an appropriately shaped tree is a fascinating sight, whether you are decorating it lavishly or with minimal accessories.

Theme designing:

Choosing a theme before picking your decorations establishes the tone for your materials, and hence you can get a fair idea of the best way of decorating your tree.

Your decoration should begin with lights:

Of course, with pre-lit Christmas trees, you can save a lot of time and money on decoration, and hence they’re quite popular. However, if you have a plain Christmas tree (whether real or artificial), you’ll need lights for decoration. Usually, you’ll need about one hundred bulbs or five meters of lights for every two feet of Christmas tree. So, if you have a six-foot-long tree, you’ll need a 15 meter long light or one with 300 bulbs.

The first thing you need to start decorating your tree is to add lights. Do this first as you’ll find it difficult to add your lights, adding decorations like garlands and baubles.

Your first step is to wrap the entire Christmas trees’ trunk with a series of lights with its plug as the starting point. Start from here and go all the way up from the center point of your tree’s base. Keep wrapping the lights uniformly around the branches closest to the trunk, and afterward weave it upwards from the center of the crown.

The right decorations must be chosen:

Picking the accessories that are suitable for your theme can get you an attractive design. Whether you hang wreaths, tree decorations, floral picks, ribbons, garlands, etc., choose such decorations that fit your tree’s themes. You can go for several sets of bauble in numerous sizes and shapes, finishings, and design. With these sets, you can set-up your tree attractively.

Bunch your baubles: 

You need to bunch three baubles of different sizes to add style and visual allure. You can either assemble similar pieces or go for different ones. To make a decent and attractive tree, pick baubles in numbers 3, 6, or 12 in numbers and make a “Z” shape. To give the tree more profundity, hang bigger baubles near the tree’s center and utilize little ones towards the branch’s end.

Hang fragile glass baubles at the tree’s top to forestall any breaking, and ensure you have added those special ones to the bottom to guarantee they are in the ideal position.

Style ribbons and layers:

Layering your Christmas tree with beautiful strips is another masterstroke. This will elevate the style of your tree. For creating more impact, you might either use different colored ribbons or of the same types. You might use ribbons having wired edges that can be looped or rolled, and they can be shaped better than the non-wired ones.

Tree picks:

Along with tree picks, floral sprays come in numerous structures, such as twigs, finished branches, pinecones, and berries. For complementing the appearance of your tree, those subtle accents can be used. Grouping picks utilizing flower wire is an inventive method to enhance your tree’s visual allure without tinkering with the decorations.

They are extraordinary for adding attractive sprinkles of shading, not just to the Christmas trees only, yet to the garlands and wreaths as well. Try to choose picks with stems (bendable) to shape them easily.

Go for the appropriate tree topper:

To complete the designing look of your tree, get an adorable tree topper. Pick one that best accommodates your tree’s theme and the proportion, and contemplate the stature of your roof as well. An alternative design is also another option; instead of a gold star, you can opt for a giant bow or create your own topper.

Balancing the decoration:

Now that your tree has many decorations ensure that they are spread out and appropriately balanced as per your preferences. Orchestrate the accessories from the treetop and afterward go right down at the bottom. Like this, while you are dressing up your tree, you can check your design.

Complete the design with a tree skirt: 

To balance your tree’s overall design, and add the perfect finishing touches, add a Christmas tree skirt. Tree skirts bring numerous benefits from covering the unattractive ‘legs,’ trunk, or the tree’s stand, to shielding your floors and covers from any pine needles that have fallen off (if you have a real tree).


So that’s it. Hopefully, these ideas will help you decorate a perfect Christmas tree this Holiday and leave your visitors in awe! Happy holidays.

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