What to Wear to a Graduation?

Ok, so you are finally a graduate now you earned that degree, to say the least. You worked for long hours and even had a sleepless and hard night. Now that you are finally graduating so you must celebrate this day because you have earned it.

You must be planning a lot of things for your graduation and I bet the most important of them all is what to wear to your graduation right?

So in this blog, I will help you out to decide what you really should wear to your graduation. Whether you are receiving your degree from a university or you have just finished your high school or college it doesn’t matter.

So you simply get the camera, the graduation cap and also your graduation gown and take that central stage in style and grace.

So if you are a graduate and looking forward to your graduation then here are some of the tips that will help you to decide what to actually wear.


You really need to focus on the shoes

On graduation day your shoes will definitely be the most important part of the dress and there are some reasons for that.

For the graduation, there is a dress code every student is supposed to follow right? You will be wearing gowns and also your graduation cap. The only thing that will come to people’s notice while you go up on the stage and shake hands with the dean will be your shoes.

So my advice is; just don’t leave the shoes as some sort of an afterthought.

If you were thinking to have statement shoes for a long time then this is your time to just go for it.

The second reason why you really need to focus on shoes is on that special day you will be walking and standing on the grass to take pictures and also to meet other friends and family right.

So in that case your heel will surely sink into the grass and it will be almost impossible for you to maintain balance and walk. For your convenience, you must go for a wedge or even block heels.

These types of shoes will not only give the much-needed stability and balance when you go around but also will look to give you a stylish look.

Heels are always a perfect option for graduation so unless you are some anti-heels type of person always wear something with heels even if that is a very small heel.

Heels will help you to stand as well as walk with a good posture as compared to the flats. So if possible don’t choose flat or flatforms rather wear heels.


Go for a bright and bold dress on your graduation

Ok before going into any detail let me just tell you that you really don’t need to pick a dress you can use a top or skirt or a jumpsuit.

But personally, I think that you are best off in a dress and the good thing about a dress is that you will not feel underdressed or overdressed.

If you are graduation ceremony is somewhere in spring or summer then it is best to choose a dress that is more like summer or springy bold and bright color with floral prints on it.

But if you are graduating in the fall then you must go for a dress color that is darker in shade. By darker, it doesn’t mean to go for black always choose something with darker floral prints on it.

By choosing a print or bold color you will easily be able to make a statement and that will also help you to stand out of the crowd.

The graduation ceremony is basically your special and well-deserved day so make sure that when that graduation gown comes up only you are the focus and for that make sure not to pick something boring. This is your chance to shine so make it worth it.


Length of your graduation dress

Although you can choose any length that is comfortable to you but keep in mind that the gowns are normally ankle length which depends on your height of course.

So a useful tip that I want to give right now is that keeps the length of the dress or the skirt much shorter than your actual gown. You must know that a hemline that is hanging out of the graduation gown will certainly ruin the appearance. So always keep the length to knees maximum.


Jewelries are must

Once you are in that gown most of the jewelry like bracelets and necklaces will be covered by the gown. So you can skip that part if you want.

But don’t forget earrings because earning will be visible to the audience and also they will be helpful to draw the overall attention to your face.

You can go for basic hoops or for oversized studs which again depends on your own personal choice.

These were the tips for the graduates now below are some of the tips if you want to attend a graduation ceremony as a guest!!


Let the fresh graduate shine

Keep in mind that this is their day, not yours. So you need to keep your dress a little bit understated so that you don’t overshadow the graduate and let her shine.


Go for something comfortable

Always wear a dress and also shoes that are comfortable because these ceremonies are longer than you think. So wear something that is not too heavy or too tight or itchy.

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