What is the Best Temperature for Cut Flowers?

Many things are important when it comes to the best temperature to cut flowers. Some of these things include the type of flowers and the kind of case you have to use to display them. But the temperature itself is not all that important, right? The quality of the flower will speak for itself and not the temperature you use on your flower.


Flower buds are delicate and have to be kept at a suitable temperature, or they will dry out and die. Drying out the flower buds usually happens quickly, and you may end up having to replant the flowers, which is much more work than it was worth, to begin with.


Flowers should never be frozen or put in plastic bags. When cut flowers are placed into a freezer, they lose their shape and color due to the extreme cold temperature that they are held at. Placing them in a plastic bag causes them to lose their shape and color quicker & can get to result in the loss of all of your hard work. The best temperature for cut flowers varies according to flower type.


There are three different methods to choosing the perfect temperature for cutting flowers. They are low temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature. You should use whichever one feels comfortable and can provide the proper lighting and temperature.



You will get surprised to know that there are different temperatures recommended for different types of flowers. Flowers like roses, Callas, hyacinths, tulips, lilies, carnations, etc., require different temperatures for optimum growth. If you wish to cut these flowers, then you need to follow certain procedures. The type of flower, as well as the vase, should be considered while calculating the temperature.


You can determine the best temperature to cut flowers by glancing at the flower and observing the surrounding. What kind of flowers is being cut? Is it a flower that has large blossoms that are mini in size? Is it a flower with long petals or narrow pointed tips? What season is it? This will help you decide what temperature to use.


When you’re talking about the quality of the flowers you are cutting, you would also consider the amount of sunlight that they get during their day. In this case, it would be advisable to choose flowers that get maximum sunlight and minimum temperature. You should also consider what season they are in. Be it spring or winter, the storage temperature should vary according to the outside temperature.



Deciding the right temperature for storing the flowers that are cut already hugely depends on the flower species. After confirming the same, you can preserve the flowers properly. For an extensive range of flowers, the range of the optimal temperatures lies between 33°F & 37°F. On the other hand, tropical flowers and cold-sensitive blossoms should get maintained at a temperature of more than 50°F.


  • Necessary Atmospheric Temperature

Usually, the necessary atmospheric temperature for the flowers that’s been cut already should be closely monitored. Also, the thermal conditions existing within the storage environment should get monitored to mirror the temperature range within the already cut flower boxes. Mostly, the temperature should not go beyond 40°F.


  • Necessary Water Temperature

After the fresh flowers are being cut, they are kept immersed in water to prevent dehydration. Most of the florists are suggested using lukewarm water, ideally. Not considering the exceptional cases, warm water hydration is considered preferable due to its molecules being easily consumed by flower stems compared to cold water. Mostly, an apt water temperature for flowers ranges from 100°F to 110°F.



  • The Quality of the Flowers

There are so many different factors that have to be considered when you talk about cutting flowers. If you want to know the best temperature to cut flowers, the first thing you should consider is the flower’s quality. If you buy cheap-quality flowers, then they would not last very long. The flower-price does not matter when it comes to quality. So, do not opt for cheap ones, but go for good quality ones as they are more expensive, but they will last for a longer period.


  • The Texture of the Flowers

When choosing the best temperature to cut flowers, you should also consider the plant’s texture. There are many varieties available. You could choose varieties like lilac, lavender, rose, and hibiscus. These will look different from each other. So, if you want to choose a rose, you should try to get them in various colors or the rarer ones.


  • The Type of Flowers

When you wonder what is the best temperature to cut flowers, you should be careful about the type of flower. There are some flowers like the lily, which would require extreme temperatures. Some of these flowers include the morning mist, the freesia, and the hydrangea. There are also flowers like the marigold and the petunia, which would only need low temperature. They also come in different colors.


  • Follow Your Expertise

So, you should be careful with what is the best temperature to cut flowers. However, once you are experienced, then you can choose the temperature according to your requirements. Once you are experienced, you could cut flowers at the right time and attain perfection while cutting the flowers and get to know the temperature to cut flowers.


  • The Lighting Around Flowers

Apart from the best temperature to cut flowers, you also need to consider other factors like the lighting. If the lighting is poor, then the flowers would feel dull. The temperature of the room also affects the taste and aroma of the flowers. Always consider all these things when planning what is the best temperature to cut flowers.



Also, when choosing the right temperature to cut flowers, consider that they are fresh and young. There are various varieties of flowers that can be used and are available for cutting. However, one important tip would be to make sure that you are using a flower that does not require a lot of maintenance. Some of these varieties of flowers may require you to take care of them within a fraction of minutes. Therefore, this would mean additional expenses on your part for hiring a person or a company to look after them.

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