10 Halloween Tablescape Tips

Are you planning to throw a Halloween Party? If you do, there are several things that you have to consider to make the party more extravagant. From various festive food choices to refreshing cocktails, to all kinds of scary but good treats, the meal should be equally planned and prepared. In addition, the table is an important thing that you should never overlook. An appealing table is sure to make the Halloween party more fun and memorable for everyone. Follow these 10 Halloween tablescape tips and have a spooky celebration:

  1. Be glamorous in Black

Black may turn out a bit boring for a fun-filled party but it can also be the perfect color for a Halloween party. For the table, you will never go wrong if you will incorporate this color as part of the decoration or table setting. However, you can also experiment on colors and pair it with black plates, glassware, and utensils. The tablescape will appear definitely glamorous in black.

  1. Enchant everyone with magical elements

Elements like love potion, witches’ brooms, mixed drinks, and vintage candle holders are just enchanting. Make use of them to decorate the table and create one unique tablescape for the Halloween party. These objects can be paired with antique plates and utensils, too, which set the table in enchanting elegance.

  1. Bring out the scary feel

Scare your guests with your tablescape by adding candy skull in the platter or by hanging gummy skeleton and body parts in the food. Your guests will surely get excited to munch on the sweet treats while having fun at the party. There are candies in shape of human teeth, human finger, human eye, and more. These decorative items for the Halloween table will not only fill your table with decorations but will also scare everyone and make the Halloween party a success.

  1. Create a cozy dining table

For a wonderful Halloween tablescape and for unique experience, make sure that the dining table is cozy and comfortable for everyone. Flowers look great in mason jars, and they offer a relaxing mood in the party. Soft pillows in dining chairs, on the other hand, may help keep your seated guests to feel the comfort while enjoying the night. For a cozy environment, you don’t really have to buy expensive things. Simple things are ideal and it’s up to you to add twist to it.

  1. Show off your creativity

The dining table can be your extravagant decoration on Halloween Party. If you have the artistic side in you, this is the right time to show off your creativity. Aside from computerized graphics and images, you can also use your hand-painted scary images or horror-themed paintings to decorate the table.

  1. Add mystic masquerade masks

If you have masks in horror design, pull them out from their cabinet or boxes and let them make the Halloween tablescape a little bit creepy. Masquerade masks for Halloween come in different designs and colors. Instead of wearing them on your head, use them as table decoration. Some of your guests who arrived at the party wearing creepy masks may also opt to have their masks placed on the table.

  1. Incorporate nature in your tablescape

You will never go wrong using nature as decorative items for your Halloween dining table. Vines and branches can be used to create an effect of crawling plants while insects and animals in plastic or rubber materials are also an ideal item to add to the scary nature-inspired tablescape. When it comes to nature-inspired tablescape, pumpkins should never be left out. The huge vegetable is a staple element for the Halloween table. Don’t forget to add rubber bats or bat-shaped table napkins or cards to the table.

  1. Provide a table for dessert and drinks

The table for dessert and drinks can also be decorated with spooky tablescape. A Halloween-themed dessert table or bar is usually accentuated with black and orange table cloth and tableware, while the toy insects and animals are mostly used to decorate the table. You can use crawling spiders with spider webs or black cat and bats to create the spooky feel.

  1. Take advantage of a candlelit spooky dinner

Instead of a romantic candlelit dinner, your Halloween dinner can be spooky and fun by using candles to lit up the table. Lighting is an essential factor in decorating the table. You can use fairy lights or lanterns made from pumpkins, or you can use antique candlestick holders. Christmas lights are also useful for this festive party. The little lights wired like strings are enough to make the table a little brighter.

  1. Give your guests a chance to add more to the tablescape

Your party can be a night of interesting and fun activities. If you want your tablescape to become something personalized or customized, engage each guest to fun activities. The crafts and arts that they create can be used or added to the table decorations. You can paint a horror-themed mask or create cobwebs out of cotton. Your guests may also create a DIY zombie from toy skeletons. There are numerous ideas to find online for Halloween activities.

In decorating tables for the Halloween, no one will stop you from using different kinds of things. You can possibly incorporate any pieces that you have at home, instead of buying new ones. With an interesting and unique tablescape, your Halloween party will be memorable to everyone.