Type of Flowers To Give As Wedding Presents

Flowers are a perfect way to celebrate any given occasion. Wedding is an occasion and celebration of a lifetime and flowers further help to add more color, beauty and freshness to the overall occasion. These blooms help you to add more fragrance and pop of color to the occasion.

If you’re best friend is getting married or the wedding of your relative is coming up and you are wondering what to give them as a gift then no worries at all, in this blog I will let you know about some of the flowers that will make the best wedding presents.

So what are you waiting for just keep reading the blog and find out the answer!!


If your bestie or family member is getting married in summers or spring then you must consider this beautiful radiant flower as a wedding present. It is not only pretty but at the same time, it is budget-friendly flower which means that you can make an impression at the wedding without spending too much money.

Whether you choose the deep red, sunset orange or pink color these flowers have closely attached petals and that is why they make a very radiant and striking appearance.

Another good thing about these flowers is that they make very amazing pairs with other floral types like roses and succulents which means that a range of options is available from elegant to rustic.



Peonies are another type of flower to give as a wedding gift for summers and spring weddings. The best thing about this flower is that it is fragrant as well as lush and that is why it provides a very romantic look.
These have soft vibrant petals which look great when they are coupled with other flowers like eucalyptus and cream-colored flowers.

Peonies are mostly red, white and pink in color but they can also be found in yellow, coral and mahogany colors.



Roses are the type of flowers that are perfect for every occasion and you can never go wrong with these flowers. Another good reason to send flowers as a wedding gift is their symbolism because these roses signify purity as well as love.

Roses are quite traditional flowers and you can also assemble a unique bouquet out of them. There are various types of roses with different sizes and colors and they are also available all year-long which is why they are the ideal wedding gift for any season and any bride.



These flowers are quite big and full of blooms so you can use them as part of a bouquet or you can also use them as a centerpiece and then send them out as a wedding gift.

These flowers are heart-shaped in appearance so they signify emotion and perseverance. Along with that, the amazing pink and white colors exude feminist vibes and therefore they are perfect wedding gifts.


These flowers are basically native to Japan and South Asia and these amazing flowers show grace and elegance. If your best friend is getting married this coming summer then there is no better wedding gift than gardenia.

These flowers don’t have any stems so they can be placed in a bowl full of water with candles and also they can be pinned to the bride’s hair. In either way, these are one of the top wedding gifts that you can give this wedding season.


Calla Lily

These modern-looking and sleek blooms with their long stems make a bold statement on anyone’s special day and considering that these are must haves this wedding season.

While sending these as a wedding gift you have few options you can either send them as a bouquet or you can place them in a beautiful vase and then send them over.

There are different color options available like pink, orange and yellow and based on the bride’s dress and venue you can finalize the color and make an impression on the wedding with your gift choice.



Daisies are available all season long whether it is summers or winters or spring. These amazing blooms have the ability to brighten up any occasion with their fragrance and radiant color.



Succulents are available all year long and these are not so common wedding gifts and that is why if you want to be a little bit extra this wedding season and if you want that your gift should make a statement then you must go for these flowers.

The best thing about these flowers is that they are not only good looking but long-lasting and easy to care and that is why you can choose them as a wedding gift without any second thought.



There was a time when carnations were only filler flowers but not anymore now these are popular and most loved flowers for weddings.

They have very lacy pearls and a wide range of colors is available and that is why you can use them in any way you like. Also, these are available all year long so whether it is a summer, winter or spring wedding you can go for carnations anytime you want.



If you want to add an air of mystery to a wedding then you must go for orchids as a wedding gift. These beautiful flowers signify beauty as well as refinement and that is why they add accent to any given floral arrangement.

These are the perfect choices for the bridal bouquets and they help to serve as a very refreshing point for any beach and tropical weddings.