What Type of Flowers To Send Your Best Friend On Her Engagement?

Your best friend got engaged recently and you want to congratulate him/her right? Then let me tell you that flowers are the most perfect gift to give your bestie on her engagement as a way of congratulating her.

The color varieties, the beautiful fragrance along the soft texture add more happiness and colors to the joyous moments.

If your best friend recently got engaged and you are wondering what flower you should send her to congratulate her then this blog is written exclusively for you.

In this blog, we will tell you about the engagement flowers that are perfect to send on your best friend’s engagement. So what are you waiting for let’s start!!



Roses are the perfect floral gifts that are perfect for every occasion. These flowers are a symbol of love and affection and by sending roses you want to tell her how much you love her and happy for her.

Roses come in a variety of different colors which means that you have plenty of options. You can either choose yellow roses which are a traditional gift for such an occasion.

They have lush blossoms, sun-kissed color and very attractive fragrance and that is why they represent the beauty and inner light of a long-lasting love life.

You can also mix yellow roses in combination with violets which will play an important role in sharing the spotlight in celebrating the occasion.



So your best friend just got engaged and you want to send her flowers in order to commemorate the occasion right? So let me tell you about these uncommon flowers that are called daisies.

Daisies are perfect flowers to send your best wishes to your best friend on this important life event as these flowers are used as an expression of true and long-lasting friendship.



Tulips are used to represent many things like fame, eternal love and peace so these symbols are a perfect option if you want to send flowers to your best friend on her engagement.

They are available in many colors so just search a little about the meaning of each color and then finalize the one that has the most relevant meaning. The color and fragrance of these amazing flowers will instantly add more color and excitement in the overall occasion and celebration.



These flowers are an ideal option for those people who are all set to start a new chapter of their life and engagement is one of those events.

You can send gerberas either alone as a bouquet or combine these pretty blooms with traditional hues of pink and purple lilies and roses.

These gerberas along with the other two flowers will make the most vibrant floral bouquet and instantly grab the attention of the receiver and your best friend will instantly appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring gesture.



Orchids are yet popular flowers that are given or sent when someone in your life is celebrating a milestone. The best thing about orchids is that you can choose from potted orchids to bold and bright bouquets.

While making the decision try to keep your best friend’s personality and favorite color in mind and then finalize the color along with the floral arrangements.

For instance, if your bestie likes to keep things minimal then it is good to choose a white orchid or a contemporary bouquet but if her style is over the top and somehow bold then choose colorful blooms.



Carnations are quite complicated flowers because they are available in various colors and each color signifies something different therefore you need to do a little research before choosing a particular color.

Few of the different concepts that are embodied by carnations are love, admiration, new beginning, new birth and success.

Due to all these meanings, these are a perfect flower for events like engagement, new birth or any other accomplishments.



These pretty blooms signify humility, first love and youthful innocence and also the arrival of a new spring which makes them a perfect gift during the spring season especially if the event involves love and happiness.


Why send flowers?

Now that you know about the flowers that you really should send to your best friend for her enjoyment then the next thing is why is it important to send flowers to her? So let me tell you!!

Whether your family member or a best friend is celebrating something big in their lives it is always very important to send flowers to them because sending flowers is a way of telling them that you are thinking about them and even if you can’t be there but you are thinking about them and praying for their better future.

You also can send her something expensive like a piece of jewelry, perfumes or any other thing but there are chances that your best friend either don’t like that gift or someone else already gave her that gift so at that time the gift might be duplicated.

But with flowers, it is not the case. Without spending much money these pretty and amazing blooms have the ability to stand out in the crowd and to make the recipient feel loved and appreciated.

So if your best friend is getting engaged then all you need to do is just any of the flowers from this list, write and heartfelt and touching note and send it to her home address and let the flowers do all the magic.

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