Easter Flower Arrangements for the Table

In most countries, when people see the snow melting and the flowers beginning to bloom, they know Easter is just around the corner! In case you’re attending or hosting an Easter party this year, creating a unique festive centerpiece for the table can make a grand statement and surprise guests.

Specially drafted by the professional florist. Browse the following 30 Easter centerpiece ideas, which varies from basic table toppers that you can create in few minutes to more complex centerpieces that will show off your DIY skills. Regardless of what your most loved part of spring is, these are certain to make any Easter event extraordinary.

  • Spring Egg Display

This design looks just like the name “spring” sounds. Your Easter eggs will look great when they’re shown on your hand-crafted springs.

  • Clay Rabbit Bowls

All you need is a bit of paint, a Sharpie and a clay bowl to make this lovable rabbit-shaped bowl for your table. Then you can arrange greenery and flowers in the bowl.

  • Moss and Spring Bulbs

This design is best for you if you need to utilize spring bulbs in your centerpiece yet would prefer not to wait for weeks for them to blossom. This centerpiece utilizes daffodil bulbs that are just growing.

  • Tulips and Peeps

Marshmallow Peeps are a staple item for Easter basket, and they’re adding a perfect extra for a festive centerpiece for any tabletop. Use pink tulips and pink peeps to make a centerpiece that will look grand.

  • Hippity Hoppity

You can easily make your own rustic design inspired by spring with a couple of twigs, branches, and flowers from your garden or flower shop.

  • Painted Wooden Eggs

Make your own one of a kind centerpiece with dried grass, metallic paint, and colorful wooden eggs.

  • Foliage and Flower Arrangement

Searching for a springtime centerpiece that looks classy? Make a foliage-inspired design with common flowers.

  • Spring Under Glass

By including this small garden centerpiece on your table, you can bring the brilliance (and fun) of spring inside for all your guests to appreciate.

  • Genuine Grass

This Easter, have a go at growing your very own wheatgrass centerpiece. Not only will it awe your visitors, but you can also blend some with your morning smoothie!

  • Paper Flower Tabletop Display

If you want a floral design that lasts longer, try making handcrafted DIY flowers with pieces of bright paper, wooden stems, and buttons. These are super easy to make and will still wow any visitors at your spring festivities.

  • Egg Cup Succulents

To create something different this Easter, think little and make a collection of small succulent cups. This innovative centerpiece features bright colored egg cups with succulent plants that you can repurpose for the mantle or windowsill.

  • Bright Daffodils

Daffodils offer an assortment of ideas you can use to lighten up any Easter table. Start by including napkins shaped like bunnies, bunches of daffodil, faux nests, and many more!

  • Easter Lantern Display

Light up your Easter table with an elaborate lantern centerpiece. To make one, simply put painted eggs, your favorite flowers, a bit of foliage and moss in a glass lantern.

  • Chocolate Additions

If you don’t have much time for décor, buy a plant at a flower shop and refresh it with a chocolate bunny. You will have a bubbly Easter centerpiece in under 10 minutes.

  • Flowers and Carrots

What do you get when you mix yellow and white flowers, eggs in a faux nest and small carrots? You get a wonderful centerpiece!

  • Painted Eggshell Vases

This centerpiece design utilizes eggshells instead of a vase. To reproduce this brilliant eye-getting centerpiece, paint every one of your eggshells light green, and fill them with sprouting poppies.

  • Rustic Planter

Mix spring and winter season to create this look in only a few minutes — all you need is yellow flowers and a couple of pale green and blue eggs to place in the wooden box.

  • Flowers on a Serving Tray

Create this great centerpiece with a stylish serving tray and a mason vase containing peonies. You can make your own by painting a white clay plate with white and pink stripes. Afterward, add pink-toned flowers and green moss shaped into balls to complete the design.

  • Natural Easter

This wooden box design can be made by placing Irish moss, some flowers and brightened plastic eggs with ribbons in it.

  • Tiny Face Planters

In case you’re searching for intriguing flower pots design, have a go at making small grower for peonies and sunflowers. These will look magnificent on your Easter table, and after the occasion, you can keep them on the windows or in the garden.

  • Asparagus and Tulips

Asparagus may not be the primary thing you think to utilize while making Easter designs, however, you can use it to create flawless designs! Consider arranging asparagus with yellow tulips for a genuinely extraordinary centerpiece.

  • Vellum Flowers

Vellum plastic is the ideal material to use to make a greenery enclosure of colorful daisies.

  • Sweet Fruit and Flowers

Easter is about the sweet treats, and this sugared fruit centerpiece praises that convention. Place sweet-smelling flowers like roses and orchids in a wide vase. Add bright colored fruits like apples and pears.

  • Basic Herb and Flower Arrangement

This design is anything but difficult to create, however, the outcomes are dazzling. To make it, simply assemble five blossoming plants and place them in your favorite vase.

  • Flowers in a Watering Can

Place yellow flowers in a metal watering can, and place pinecones and tree cuttings around the can. This design is simple, rustic and unique.

  • Spring Serving Tray

This design is suitable for the kitchen table. Add everything springs onto a steel tray — ceramic birds, green plants, and flowers. You can even add saucers with silverware on the plate, making this centerpiece both stylish and practical.



Regardless of whether you’re searching for beautiful flowers or innovative egg design, there’s certain to be a centerpiece here that you’ll cherish. Feel free to try any of the designs above when thinking of how to create a grand centerpiece for your Easter party.

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