Garden Dome World Class Garden: Garden by the Bay Singapore

The largest garden you can find in the middle of the city is the Garden by the Bay in Singapore. The nation planned its Garden City into a City in a Garden not only to enhance the city in its flora and fauna but also to provide a premier location for urban outdoor recreation and indoor attraction. This popular landmark and tourist attraction is a nature park in a land with a total area of 101 hectares or 250 acres. The world-class garden dome is open daily for the public offering three large waterfront gardens: the Bay South Garden at the Marina South, Bay East Garden in Marina East, and Bay Central Garden in the downtown Core and Kallang.

  • Bay East Garden

Facing the Marina East, the garden is a 32-hectare park featuring the 2-kilometer frontage that borders the Marina Reservoir. Being an interim park developed in support of the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, the garden was only opened to the public on October 2011. It serves as alternative access to Marina Barrage.

The shape of the garden is like a series of tropical leaves. Each leaf features specific landscape design and attraction, theme, or character. Wind and water penetrate the site through the five water inlets aligned and extending to the shoreline, thus cool down the area in and around the garden. Visiting the Bay East Garden allows visitors to get a pristine view of the landscapes indoors and of the skyline of the city. Developers are planning to have a water theme garden in the near future.

  • Bay South Garden

The largest garden among the three gardens, the Bay South Garden has a total land of 54 hectares or 130 acres. It features a garden of architectural artistry and tropical horticulture. The shape and concept of the garden were drawn from the Orchid design, specifically the Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s National Flower. The root of the garden, as resembled the Orchid, is the waterfront or the two conservatories, while the landforms are the leaves. The pathways, link ways, and roads through the gardens are the shoots and the secondary roots are the water, energy, and lines of communication. All these are centered by the theme gardens, which are the blooms of the orchid. The concept was designed with considerations to the sustainability of the environment.

  • Bay Central Garden

Connecting the Bay East Garden and Bay South Garden, the Bay Central Garden at the waterfront facing the downtown of Core and Kallang, is a 15-hectare or 37-acre land. It has a waterfront promenade stretching to the center of the city heading to the eastern part of Singapore. Walking in the waterfront promenade is an experience of unique scenery.

  • Attractions at the Garden Dome

Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse that can be found throughout the world. It showcases 9 different gardens featuring different species of exotic plants from different parts of the world. From the Baobabs to the oldest olive trees to the colorful flowering plants of the tropical regions to all types of flora and fauna, this attraction will surely take you into the awesome and magnificent nature. Expect to experience a cool and dry climate here because the glass dome is built to have the replica of the Mediterranean climate.

Floral Fantasy is the latest attraction added to the many attractions of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. This attraction features the combination of flowers, arts, and technology in one. Visitors get to experience a dream-like fantasy in a landscape that is filled with four garden designs and a thrilling 4D ride.

Serene Garden is a unique Japanese Zen-inspired garden that features a fusion of botany mixed with culture. This garden offers tranquility, relaxation, and inspiration as it boasts of its scenic views of the skyline and its outdoor themed gardens that bring nature closer to the city. The garden features the Bismarckia plant, which is a monotypic type of plant endemic to Madagascar. The fan-shaped leaf of the plant was used as a design of the frame of the central water of Serene Garden which lies at the heart or center of the garden. A mini waterfall is also a wonderful feature of the garden because this is where Niyodo rock, the blues-rock, is displayed.

Cloud Forest is an attraction in the Gardens by the Bay and is the second of the two conservatories. This attraction features the tallest indoor waterfall in its glass greenhouse dome. Aside from the cool-moist climate in the dome and the breathtaking views and scenery, visitors also enjoy the Cloud Walk and Treetop Walk on the spiral pathway going down the mountain. The surreal experience of mist-filled surroundings also makes the tour worth it.

The Gardens by the Bay Singapore also features art at the gardens with its more than 40 large sculptures of different things from around the world. One of the featured sculpture here is the Planet created by Marc Quinn and was donated to Singapore by Mr. and Mrs. Putra Masagung.

The Garden Dome at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is aimed to make the location a world-class leisure destination with a sustainable environment that will make every Singaporean proud of the gardens. With all the enthralling experiences of the attractions and with the unique display of flora and fauna in each attraction, there is no better place to experience nature and mysterious gardens at the heart of the city than the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

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