What to write on funeral flowers for brother?

A brother sometimes stood in place for his father as head of the household. Many times, he showed strength when none of us can. He was the first to become our knight in shining armor, protecting us in every way he could. We may have had sibling rivalry or arguments with our brother but we cannot deny what we have in common—we came from the same womb.

Sure, we don’t always see eye to eye with our brother. We might not have the best relationship in the world, but it is truly a special relationship bestowed unto us. There is nothing like a brother that we can look to for inspiration, protection, and solace. Our brother will always give the strangest, most spot-on advice. Our brother will always leave everything to be with us when we needed them. Our brother will always cheer us up whenever we’re down.

But, a brother doesn’t always have to be our biological brother. Many of us have friends or cousins that we look up to like our brothers. It is as if we were flesh and blood with him while he was still living. He fought our battles with us, stood up for us, and lightened our loads every chance he got. He will even give up what is for him to sacrifice it for us. There are brothers like that and how lucky it is for a person to have met his brother in this lifetime. But oh how unfortunate it is to lose a brother.

Funeral flowers for brotherhood

It is only fitting to send funeral flowers to the service of a dearly beloved brother. White flowers are seen as acceptable at funerals as well as blue flowers like hydrangeas and hyacinths. Cross-shaped funeral flowers are also apt as well as flowers in the colors of your brotherhood, fraternity, or of the national flag if your brother served in the army.

One of the most heartbreaking times to lose a brother is when he is still a child. Funeral flowers for a younger brother should be apt for his age. Consult with your florist to create a unique floral arrangement shaped in an object that best reflects your brother’s interests. It could be a football, a car, or a teddy bear. Florists now offer these unique arrangements for children’s funeral services.

Ordering funeral flowers

It is wise to order funeral flowers upon hearing of the death of a dear brother. It can take several days to create a unique arrangement. You may opt for flower delivery services to send the flowers ahead of you. Consider sending sympathy flowers as well. Funeral flowers are meant to pay tribute to your deceased brother. The sympathy flowers are meant to console the family he left behind.

What Message to say on the card

There are plenty of quotes that convey the message we want to say about our brother. Some good quotes worth mentioning are:

“Of all sad things we may endure, the saddest is saying ‘farewell brother’ ”

“There is a special place in our hearts for the one we call ‘brother’ ”

“To have had a brother is to have experienced a very special gift”

“Brothers may die but they live on in our hearts and minds”

“A brother is a friend given by Nature.” -Jean Baptiste Legouve

When writing short messages to put on the funeral wreath or the sash or banner of a standing spray, you may opt for these messages which are simple and heartfelt:

Eternal rest, grant thee our brother

Always in our hearts dear brother

To our noble brother, our highest respect to you our dear friend.

Gone but never forgotten our dear brother

Dearest brother, may you rest in peace

With love and prayers, we bid you brother

A Husband, Father, Son, and Brother

To our baby brother, we will forever cherish your laughs and wonderful memories. Missing you our baby

To the best brother we could ask for, wishing you were still here with us. We love you forever.

For sympathy flowers, you can send a short message like this:

We were shocked to hear about your brother’s passing. He was indeed a good friend to us all and we knew how close the two of you were. He will always be missed.

You can also tell stories about their brother so that they will know him more and remember him for his kindness towards others.

Helping the family

A brother takes on a lot of responsibilities in the family. Ultimately, we know we have all lost a very important person in the family as well as in society. Your brotherhood may do a lot to help the family your brother has left. We look to soldiers, firemen, and other noblemen who have helped raised their fellow’s children after they passed on.

These are often seen as acts of kindness. This is a truly heroic act to do for the sake of your brother as it is a terribly difficult time to lose a father.

You may also help plan the funeral service of your brother. You can at least offer funeral flowers such as several standing sprays and wreaths. You can also offer transportation for the family. Your brotherhood may even offer to carry the casket to its final resting place. All of these are done in the name of brotherhood and remembering the person we want to pay tribute to.

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