The Iconic Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

When you think of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is one of the things you can imagine instantly for it’s an amazing and award-winning destination for both tourists and even for locals. It is one of the famous landmark in the county that makes you instantly say that place is Singapore when you see it from movie scenes or photos. It’s one of the places that makes it so recognizable.


The Iconic Supertrees

Gardens by the Bay is beside Marina Reservoir and it is the place that displays many features that amazes everyone who sees it. So what makes it very recognizable? Gardens by the Bay is the home of the Supertrees and these are giant like vertical gardens that showcase a variety of plant life from different areas of the world. Currently, there are 18 Supertrees found in Garden by the Bay and its objective is to entertain and to teach the people more about plants. They also display amazing features when you’re walking from one Supertree to another or from one conservatory to the next one. This is one of the beautiful destinations you should definitely not miss when you are in Singapore. Day or night, this place truly is a wonderful must-see sight because it will leave you in awe.


Made up with 3 various waterfront gardens, Garden by the Bay has the Bay Central, Bay East and the Bay South. The Bay that is the largest of the rest is the Bay South and there, you can see the award-winning and chilled conservatories and the iconic Supertrees.


Bay Central is being improved as a garden that will connect the Bay South and the Bay East and this includes getting a glimpse of amazing city views. While the Bay East Garden is a okay attraction, not much to it yet because it’s more of an open waterfront space for people, both locals and tourist, to enjoy during free time or entertainment. In Bay East, you can chill there and take some time off to rest and enjoy the amazing Singapore skyline. When you want to go on for chill and relaxing walk, or get some coffee or maybe have a picnic, Bay East is the best place to be.


Aside from those 3 gardens, Gardens by the Bay also has the extension of the Marina Reservoir visible. It is where you can locate the Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes. Isn’t that really cool?


What are the things you can see and do in Gardens by the Bay?


  • The Cloud Forest is one of the most impressive conservatories that are in the Garden because it is like being in a different world. It will make you feel like you have suddenly transported in a tropical jungle. In the Cloud Forest, you can see the 35-meter tall mountain that is surrounded and covered by tropical vegetation and also an indoor waterfall that’s really high. It’s filled with mist and they have this Treetop Walk and Cloud Walk that helps you see everything from above.
  • Heritage Gardens are consists of four themed gardens that let you explore the connection between the plants and the country’s abundant history.
  • Flower Dome is the highly developed conservatory as it is the largest greenhouse in the world and has been awarded in the Guinness World Records during 2015. The Flower Domes is a home for plants and flowers from different places in the world and that includes an olive grove, South African garden, South American garden, Mediterranean garden and so many more to mention. Basically, you can call it one huge garden that is consists of small gardens from each area around the world and that’s something amazing to see, it’s like watching a window of the different areas of the world’s nature.
  • Art Displays are also showcased in the Gardens by the Bay as it has around 40 sculptures displayed from around the world that are located around the place.
  • Far East Organization Children’s Garden is the place to be for the kids. It’s an outdoor playground and a mini water park with cool water tunnels that let the children spray jets. It’s also one way of allowing the kids to have fun while playing and staying cool amidst the intense heat of Singapore.
  • Supertrees and OCBC Skyway is the most iconic landmark of Singapore and it will make you feel like you’re in a futuristic movie or make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. It’s gigantic and is ranging from 25 to 50 meters tall, that’s like the heigh of a 16 story building and is shaped vertically to form a tree-like structure. Compromised with gardens inside. Currently, there are 18 Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay and there are more than 162,900 flowers and plants, with 200 species and kinds of orchids, ferns, bromeliads and tropical climbing flowers. It’s a free tourist attraction for you to check out but if you want to get closer for you to appreciate more, you can pay SG $8 to walk on the OCBC Skyway which is 22 meters above ground in a 128 meter walkway.


Gardens by the Bay is an amazing place and a must-see tourist destination for people visiting Singapore. It’s definitely one of the places you should not miss when you’re in the country because it will surely leave you breathless when you see the wonderful sight.

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