Best Flowers for a Graduation Lei

Flower leis are designed for a wide variety of reasons. In Hawaii, flower leis are popularized to encourage tourism while in china, brides love wearing flower leis on their neck or head. In other parts of the world, flower leis are intended to express or symbolize love, peace, and honor. In different colors and types of flowers, schools distribute graduation leis to students on the day of graduation.

Graduation leis are also a perfect gift to give to someone who is graduating today. Leis are a traditional flower for graduation that expresses a lot of thoughtful and meaningful sentiments. Most leis are made from fresh flowers, which allow the person to feel good while celebrating the milestone and the achievement. When choosing a graduation flower lei, there are wide varieties of flowers out there that will suit your flower gift. Check these out and see the best flowers for the graduation lei you want to give a family or friend on graduation day:

  • Plumerias

Plumerias are often chosen to make flower leis for graduation because of its thick stems, abundant petals, and leathery leaves. The blooms are also fragrant and can last as cut flowers for longer hours. The blooms range in size from 2 to 4 inches large while the colors vary in shades from pink to red, white, yellow. Being tropical flowers, Plumerias are very attractive as leis because of its star shape and unique combination of colors.

  • Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids are the most common option when it comes to leis for graduation. The colors are perfect for the cheery occasion. This type of orchid comes in yellow, lavender, pink, white, and green colors. Aside from the beautiful colors, this flower makes a great choice for leis because of its durability and size. Sturdy blooms also provide opportunity to create different designs and style of leis.

  • Jasmine

The flowers of Jasmine are traditionally used to create leis not only for graduations but also for religious rites and cultural events. In China, people also prefer to have this flower created in leis for weddings. Jasmine flowers are fragrant even in early blooming stage or in full bloom. The white petals and tiny tube in the center allows for easy lei making.

  • Stephanotis

Stephanotis flowers are a common flower for veils on weddings and on religious rituals. This flower also makes ideal flower leis for graduation. The stem of the blooms has long internodes and the leaves are in lush green, which is why most brides love to incorporate the flowers and leaves in bridal bouquet or veil. The blooms can be stored in a cooler or refrigerator after harvested if intended to create leis. However, they should be placed in a plastic wrapper or air-tight container and far from ripe fruits to prevent wilting.

  • Carnations

The flowers of Carnation are among the best flowers for graduation leis. With varieties of colors to choose from, you can have a beautiful design for the graduation leis. White Carnations are mostly common in leis for graduation but you can also choose pink and red Carnation blooms for the leis. For girls, white Carnations are used while red leis look great on boys’ formal suit on graduation day.

  • Tuberose

Tuberose flowers are not just beautiful and attractive, but they are also fragrantly scented. In fact, it is recognized as one of the most fragrant and richly scented flowers in the world. With its elongated stalks, its blooms are just perfect for graduation flower leis. Tuberose comes in white blooms and cream colored blooms but there are also blooms in purple and pink colors.

  • Ti Leaf

The leaves of Ti plant are also commonly used to create graduation leis. This is because of its nice appearance and its symbolism. Ti leaf is known to bring good luck to the person wearing it. The leaves are commonly green but there are species of Ti plants that have red, yellow, orange, and other shades. For graduation leis, the leaves are braided together and accessorized with white flowers or other colors and types of flowers. You can have Ti leaf leis for graduation in customized design.

  • Ginger

The flowers of Ginger are also a common option for graduation leis. The fragrance of this flower is very distinct that most women love it on their weddings, bouquets, and bridal flowers. For the graduation flower leis, you will never be disappointed when you give this gift to the person who is about to march on graduation day.

  • Candy and Papers

Candies and papers are also a common option for the flower leis on graduation day. If you want to send or give something unique to the person, you can make him or her graduation leis of candies and paper flowers in beautiful colors and assortments. Ask the florist for silk flowers, if you want don’t want the paper flowers. On the other hand, money leis are also a cool option for the paper flowers and they make a perfect graduation gift.

Whether you choose Jasmine, Orchids, Carnations, Plumeria, or green leaves for the graduation flower leis, you can be sure that you have the best gift for the graduate because they are not only beautiful and fragrant but also symbolic and meaningful. The best thing with the gift of graduation flower leis is that the florist can easily customize a design based on your desired types of flowers and colors.