How to Be a 3% Man, Winning the Heart of a Woman

Women are very complex creatures and it is probably impossible to understand them let alone to win their hearts. You cannot tell what a woman is thinking or what she wants by just looking at her or her facial expressions.

Most men just get irritated with their continuous mood swings and their unpredictable nature and that is why they just stop trying to impress or win them.

And that is the reason for failed relationships.

So in this blog, I will let you know some of the tips and tricks that will let you be among the top 3% men who win the hearts of their women. So what are waiting for let’s just dive into it!!


Be like a gentleman

It’s a myth that girls always want to be treated like a queen. Well, that is not true! On the other hand, girls like to be treated like a princess.

The girl or woman in your life does not want you to become a showpiece rather she wants you to be in control of everything.

So be a gentleman and open the car door for her. While in a restaurant pull out the chair for her and allow her to sit and also always let her order her favorite food item first.

When you both are out in the street then it should be you closest to the street. Being a gentleman means always being caring for your girl and be selfless.


Give her compliments

Ok, so when you both are out on a romantic dinner then you must know that she made a lot of effort to get ready. From her dress to makeup, she put a lot of thought behind everything.

So you should be a little bit nice and give her compliments about how beautiful she is looking for. Also, let her know that she looks beautiful both with or without makeup this will also boost her confidence level and she will be real and comfortable with you.


Be respectful and caring for her friends and family

If you spread your care, respect and love to her close friends and family then your girl will really love it and she will feel special and respected at the same time.

Never forget to ask about her friends and family members that how are they and how they are doing and also plan a small get to together with them.


Show your gratitude for the small things she does for you

Ok so saying thank you is a very small thing but it will leave a very great and deep effect on the girl you love. Just tell her how grateful you are for her.

You must know that if you appreciate your girl then she will feel loved and important and also as a result she will love to do small things for you with compassion and excitement.


Be nice to her in front of outsiders

This is very important. When you are out among people, always be nice to her. Treat her kindly, compliment her, hold her hand and just make her comfortable with you even when you are in a public place.


Give her all your attention

You really need to tell and also show her that you care for her and for all her needs. Just give attention to all her simple demands.

Girls just love it when you pay attention to their small things like the color of the dress she is wearing, her favorite ice cream and other simple and small things.


Listen to her carefully

Ok so in your relation try to not be the one who is the talker that way you will not be able to win her hear. Just listen to her when she needs someone to listen.

With your body language and actions show her that you really care for her and always repeat the things that she just told you that way she will realize that you are there for her and she can trust and rely on you.


Give her flowers to make her feel special

Ok, so flowers are perfect for every occasion. With very little effort you are sending out the message that how important she is for you.

These fresh blooms with their fragrance will be able to brighten up her day and she will not be able to resist the smile on her face and will feel loved instantly.


You need to protect her

When she is out with you never allow her to walk to her car alone. If she likes evening walks then ask her to accompany her in order to keep her safe.

If you are partying in a night club and she wants to go to the toilet to fix her makeup then just accompany her and wait outside until she is done.

These small gestures will allow her to be safe with you and that is basically the foundation of a healthy and strong relationship.


Romance is key

Romance in any healthy relationship is key. Just be romantic. Organize date nights, give her flowers, make her birthday special, kiss her in front of everybody and simply just own her.

In your relationship, you are the writer of your story so make it a special one always tell her that you love her and really want her in your life she will be ready to give you all her heart and you will be the king of her life.

Winning the heart of a woman is a tough job but it’s no rocket science. All you need to do is just be a little extra treat her like a queen celebrate her presence in your life and she is all yours.

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