15 Things Your Florist Won’t Tell You

Flowers are the unique creation of nature, and for centuries, they have been a traditional gift for exchanging on special occasions. They fit every sad or happy moment and are perfect for expressing your emotions without using a single word. The color and type of flower carry some special messages that anyone can understand. Red roses are for love, yellow ones are for friends, and white or purple ones are for sympathy and funerals. So, if you are greeting someone with flowers, you are making their day special.

Florists are good people. In spite of picking up flowers by yourself, you can go to a florist shop. They do the work for you; they pick up flowers for you. You can get fresh flowers from them arranged in your required shape. Florists are experts and have artistic skills that can make your flowers look absolutely stunning. If you have ever wondered how they can keep those flowers so fresh and lovely? There are many things that florists do not share with their customers. So, if you are a curious flower person, then these amazing tips are for you that your florist will not tell you.

1.      Do not Use Scissors

Scissors are the enemy of flowers as they cannot cut the stems in proper shape. You need to get a sharp knife for cutting the bottoms of stems. The angle needs to be 45 degrees, and after that, you can place the flowers in a bottle or vase full of water. This way, the life of flowers is increased, and they remain fresh and lovely for a long time.

2.      Check the Freshness

The flowers at a florist shop look so much stunning as well as fresh. Their freshness is what makes them unique and extraordinary. But before paying for a flower, you must keep in mind that you check for their freshness. The best way is squeezing them from the part where petals are attached to the stem. If the part is firm, then it means the flower is fresh, but if it feels like squishy or soft, they are old flowers, and you are going to avoid buying those flowers.

3.      Mondays are Best

It is good to shop on Mondays for flowers. That’s because, on Mondays, florists restock for the rest of the week. They also keep bringing new flowers, but Monday is when you can find some unique flowers that can be sold out in a few hours. Also, you can inquire about next week’s special picks by calling before the weekend.

4.      Flowers need a mist

If you notice, you will find some moisture on the petals of the flowers in the florist shop. It is a neat trick to make the flowers lively and long-lasting. Flowers do not only get their water from stems, but they also take moisture from the air. So, if you are willing to make your flowers long-lasting, you should give them moisture every now and then.

5.      Tricks other than the packet

Packets work wonderful and can make the flowers long-lasting. But there are other ways you can try other than the packet. For sterilizing the vase, using bleach is effective, and you can add some sugar with a copper coin in the water.

6.      Fruits are Harmful to flowers

Fruits are so much harmful to the flowers, and you do not want that. Fruits release a gas named ethylene, which can destroy your flowers, and your beautiful bouquet is wilted. So, it is important that you keep the fruits away from flowers. And I am sure that your florist will not tell you about this.

7.      Fireplaces and appliances are not good for flowers

Just like fruits, your delicate and soft flowers can be faded away if you will keep them near a fireplace. Also, avoid putting fresh flowers vase near a refrigerator or microwave oven. These appliances also emit heat, which can eventually destroy your flowers.

8.      Wash the Vase

It is important to clean the vase and wash it with soap every time you change the water. The old water can reduce the life of a flower, and also there will be bacteria with the walls that can also affect the new water.

9.      Jazz up your Roses

You can make your roses more elegant and enhance their look by adding some amazing purple heathers in the bouquet. You can also use other colors and types of flowers that look beautiful for you. Yes, mixing different flowers brings a stunning look to the bouquet.

10. Keep them away from direct sunlight

Keep your flowers away from the places where direct sunlight comes at any time of the day. Direct rays of the sun can damage the delicate flowers. Also, flowers do not remain good in heavy lighting.

11. Do not give them a cold bath

For increasing the longevity of the flowers, you should avoid giving them a cold bath. If you do so, they will dry up fast.

12. Shop online

Sometimes, you are unable to visit the market, or you do not find any florist nearby. In that case, you can pick up your phone and search for some great florists. You can avail of online shopping and can save a lot of your energy and time.

13. Discounts

Florists offer discounts every other occasion in order to attract customers. So, if you are going to buy, ask for discounts.

14. Use Hairsprays

Believe it or not, hairsprays are great for flowers and can give a long-lasting effect to the petals. Hairspray can be an effective product for your flowers.

15. Go for Local Florists

Do not fantasize about different online companies. Shop from the local ones in your town. It will be a great experience.

Last Words

Florists offer great help by picking up flowers and arranging them for us. But there are some things that they will never tell you.

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